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    Nov 26, 2017

    26 Posts That'll Make Anyone Who's Worked In Retail Say, "Damn, That's Real"

    You don't know the horrors we've seen.

    1. 28 Pictures That Will Make Retail Workers Laugh Harder Than They Should

    Twitter: @RetailJobLife

    We've all been there.

    2. 25 Faces Every Single Server Will Immediately Recognize

    When there's 1 guy who says 'but I know the owner' to get out of waiting for a table #serverlife #hostessproblems

    This is almost as funny as the "There's no price tag, it must be free!" joke. Almost.

    3. 25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You’re A Retail Worker

    4. The 22 Most Soul-Crushing Things About Working Retail


    Christmas music loses all of its joy when you work in retail.

    6. 28 Things All Holiday Retail Workers Are Tired Of Hearing

    Columbia Pictures

    Customer: "Hi I need to return this. I don't want it anymore. I don't have a receipt. I'd like it back in cash, thanks."

    Me: *throws up in mouth*

    7. 23 Secrets Retail Workers Won't Tell You

    I've worked in retail and STILL think the back looks like this.

    8. 25 Pictures That Sum Up Being A Cashier

    Craig Barritt / Getty Images

    Cool. Got it.

    9. 41 Things That'll Annoy Almost Everyone Who's Ever Worked In Retail

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Walking into work and finding out you're understaffed is probably the worst thing ever.

    10. 16 Customer Horror Stories That Prove Retail Workers Deserve A Goddamn Medal

    Universal Pictures

    "One of the servers at my work had a customer complain that their ice water was too cold and asked for it to be microwaved. She was very upset when the server returned with a cup of just water."


    11. 21 Reasons Why Retail Workers Need To Stop Complaining

    Twitter: @driftkittah

    Retail: where our hard work is always appreciated.

    12. 22 Hilarious Photos You'll Get If You Worked At A Restaurant

    It's not done at the snap of a finger, Jan.

    13. 22 Black Friday Horror Stories From Retail Workers Who Lived To Tell


    "I witnessed a mom stick her finger down her throat and projectile vomit in the fitting room because she didn’t get an extra discount."


    14. 28 Real AF Jokes That Will Make Retail Workers Laugh Then Cry

    Nickelodeon / Via

    I mean, it isn't your problem anymore.

    15. 21 Pictures That Sum Up Working In Retail

    But you literally JUST got here.

    16. 17 Retail Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job


    "I worked in the J.C. Penney men's department in high school. I once got a call that the changing room needed to be cleaned. I discovered a bag of socks that had poop in them; someone had taken a bag of tube socks, opened it, took out a sock, pooped in it, and attempted to put it back in the package."


    17. 27 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Working In Customer Service

    Wow, is THAT what I sound like?

    18. 14 Scenarios That'll Hurt The Souls Of Anyone Who's Ever Worked In Retail

    Michelle Rennex / Getty Images

    We know who you are we we are not a fan.

    19. 23 Things Retail Staff Secretly Want Customers To Know


    My face when someone breaks out the ~consumer law~ threat.

    20. Literally Just 17 Hilarious Tweets Anyone Who's Worked A Register Will Get

    #serviceindustryheadass customer: well we were allowed to do this last time Me:


    21. 29 Struggles Every Holiday Retail Worker Knows To Be True


    How quickly someone can destroy a display of clothes never fails to surprise us.

    22. If You Work In Retail And None Of These Jokes Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

    Twitter: @Selenamortiz

    You really want more hours, but you also... don't.

    23. 21 Things You'll Only Know If You've Worked In Retail


    You are a pro at hiding from your manager in a matter of seconds.

    25. 19 Signs You've Worked In Retail For Too Damn Long

    Mercury Nasvhille

    It'll take a lot more than finding a pile a shit in the dressing room to freak you out.

    26. 24 People Daring Their Bosses To Fire Them


    Nailed it.

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