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25 Things That Will Make You Want To Stay Far, Far Away From Arizona

Seriously, stay away.

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5. The cities are nothing but ghost towns.

It's LIGHTS OUT at 10 p.m.

6. The Grand Canyon is drab, boring, and just no fun.

And it's in the middle of NOWHERE. Have fun.


9. Any evidence of nature is nonexistent.

Where is it? Beats me.

12. Arizona severely lacks any and all culture.

Like, completely lacking.


15. The food is terrible.

Good luck finding a local, homegrown place to eat around here.

16. Like, really bad. The selection is very, very limited.

Seriously, it'll be tough.

17. And is completely void of any color.

None whatsoever.


18. There is nothing to do outside of Phoenix.

Pfft, there's hardly anything to do INSIDE Phoenix.

19. There's no history here.

Not at all.

20. You have to wear several layers of clothing in the winter.

Can you imagine wearing THIS MUCH clothing in the middle of December? CAN YOU?

22. Good luck finding a music festival around here.

Nope — you'd need to go to LA for one of those.

23. You are constantly stuck in a concrete jungle.

You never see the sunlight!

25. And the sunsets are nothing great.

Very underwhelming.

Basically, just stay away from Arizona. It's just the worst.