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28 Jokes You Didn't Understand Until You Were At Least 13

LOL, oh man.

1. When Jonnny Bravo needed to issue this correction:

2. When Mr. Potato Head needed his privacy:

3. Santa's reference to a ~higher time~:

4. This not so subtle reference:

5. When Prince had a cameo on The Animaniacs:

6. Patrick's failed attempt at flirting:

7. When Kronk went "camping":

8. When Mushu threw this insult:

9. When Skinner let Alfredo know he shouldn't get ~too~ acquainted with his food in Ratatouille:

10. This subtle advertisement:

11. This friendly reminder:

12. This friendly dig at the Flash's dating life:

13. A morbid shrine to the Three Little Pigs' father:

14. Hooker toy:

15. Shaggy's favorite "name":

16. This note on the bathroom wall that reds "Don't touch yourself" in Ed, Edd n Eddy:

17. Dexter's financial troubles:

18. Harley Quinn offering some ~dessert~:

19. SpongeBob's warning:

20. When Rocko and Heffer visited this... playground:

21. Cory's failed attempts:

22. Cosgrove's preferences:

23. Cleaning the carpet:

24. Johnny's use of his spare time:

25. Squidward accepting SpongeBob for who he is:

26. Susie's date leaving nothing to the imagination:

27. Heffer enjoying his privacy:

28. And finally, when Ren and Stimpy literally did this: