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22 Facts About Horror Movies You'll Want To Tell All Of Your Friends

Possible spoilers ahead!

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1. The Exorcist was the first horror movie to be nominated for an Oscar.

2. In Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees' name was orginally going to be "Josh." The name quickly changed because it needed to be "scarier" and to because Josh is screenwriter Victor Miller's son's name.


6. Serial killer Ed Gein is the inspiration of three horror movies: The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

8. British actor David Warner was originally going to play Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema

Just imagine how different horror cinema would be today.


16. Child's Play was inspired by real-life haunted doll "Robert."