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    19 Kitties From This Week Who Were Just Adorable As Heck

    Get a load of these beauties.

    1. This week, this feline had a v sophisticated photoshoot:

    2. These two were DEFINITELY not just talking about you:

    3. This one needed to shield themselves from the thunder 'n' lightning!!

    4. This precious one FINALLY caught her tail:

    u/fafaviya / Via

    5. This bb girl was in the mood for some yoga:

    6. This lil' dude was in the mood to surprise his frens:

    7. This kitty was 👏ready👏for👏fall👏:

    8. This precious fella just wanted to watch Schitt's Creek with his owner:

    u/jandhlove / Via

    9. This newborn just wanted to hang with their fellow four-legged friend!!

    10. This feline did NOT have time for your small talk:

    11. This babe nailed the whole, "If I fits, I sits" thing:

    u/thekhashmoney / Via

    12. Bubs MARVELED at the sight of her iconic portrait:

    13. This beb just wanted her mom to notice her!!!

    From “Mom! Mom! MOM! Acknowledge me! Stop doing your makeup! 🙈🙈🙈” #catsofinstagram

    14. This one was ready for the spoops:

    15. This kitty straight-up disappeared:

    16. These darlings were just heckin' hungry:

    17. These two were definitely NOT hypnotized at the sight of a new toy:

    18. This little one was (im)patiently waiting for their flight:

    u/jaspermum / Via

    19. And this guy just clearly had a rough night:

    Me after waking up from a long nap. 📹: barnaby_persian

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