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    Posted on Nov 9, 2017

    26 Yahoo Questions We All Need Answers To

    "Do they have toilet paper in Canada?"

    1. Those damn cyotes.

    2. I don't think that's how glue works...

    Tumblr: Odd Yahoo Questions / Via

    3. Call them up and hope for the best.

    Tumblr: Funny Yahoo Questions / Via

    4. The baby is DEFINITELY yours.

    Smosh / Via

    5. How'd you know?!

    Tumblr: The Most Compelling Yahoo Questions / Via


    Tumblr: Lenouveaucliche / Via

    7. It's definitely not "wrong."

    Lists World / Via

    8. Maybe introduce him to some new music?

    Smosh / Via

    9. I don't think that's how it works.

    Complex / Via

    10. That sounds like an awful lot of work.

    11. He just kind of... appeared.

    Smosh / Via

    12. Which one?

    Tumblr: Richio / Via

    13. No.

    Smosh / Via

    14. It's just her way of showing you she ~likes~ you.

    LOLWOT / Via

    15. Follow your dreams.

    16. This is revolutionary. Honestly, truly.

    Just something (creative) / Via

    17. Maybe just stick to one next time?

    18. It doesn't work that way.

    Tumblr: Swestergard-blog / Via

    19. Beats me.

    MensXP / Via

    20. Obviously.

    The Telegraph / Via

    21. No. No it isn't.

    22. Well, duh.

    The Telegraph / Via

    23. Get a new one.

    Tumblr: Ifihadanadeyoudknowit / Via

    24. YES THEY ARE.

    Yahoo! / Via

    25. It'll show up in a few days.

    Quora / Via


    BlazePress / Via

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