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You're A Lightweight If These 18 Things Apply To You

Pre-game? What's that?

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2. You've often been the subject of your friends pranks, much like this:

8. Your beer becomes warm by the time you actually finish it.

Is it just me or does warm beer get your hammered quicker


9. You dread the thought of the pre-game because you know you'll be shitfaced by the time you actually get to the club.

When your friend is blackout at the pregame and you make them another strong drink

11. You've gone from a slight buzz to completely and utterly obliterated in seconds.

Which, to some, is pretty impressive.

12. You've undoubtedly posted a regrettable Facebook status because you needed to "let out your feelings."


13. You've said no to countless happy hour invites because you know how you can get after a cocktail or two.

Happy hour after work today! And by happy hour I mean I'm taking a nap

16. But you're also the first to drunkenly order food at 9:30 p.m.

Yes, you've reached that point at 9:30.