OK — I Think It's Time I Talk About My Obsession With Buffalo Wild Wings

    I'd tell you to hear me out, but I said what I said.

    Hello, fellow chicken wing lovers. I'm never one to assume (you know what they say), but it's safe to say you're here because you, too, are a fan of one of the greatest restaurants on Earth: Buffalo Wild Wings.

    I mean, I certainly can't blame you. I've been obsessed with this magical playground for years. This place just gets me.

    BWW has it all: Chicken wings in 87,000* different sauces, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and ice cold beer. I'm honestly not sure what more a person could want.

    Oh, the sauces. Did I mention the SAUCES? There are 16 in all, with five seasonings to boot. My personal faves are Hot BBQ, Asian Zing, and Honey BBQ. What can I say – I have an elegant palette, sweaty!

    As if that wasn't enough to persuade you, BWW's appetizers are TOP. NOTCH. You might think I'm being dramatic, but I'm not. At all.

    Look at this appetizer platter. [Patrick Star voice] LOOK AT IT. It's all your faves in one place: mini pretzels, wings, chips and dip, and mini corn dogs! Heaven I tell ya, heaven!

    And the BEER! My goodness, the beer. It's cold. It's crisp. It's tall. It's everything you could ever want*!

    You can also do in-store pickup, which is just another added bonus. I would know because I've done this more times than socially acceptable.

    While there aren't enough words in the English language to ever do this place justice, I will say this. In 2017, when I moved to New York (a literal food capital), BWW was one of the first restaurants I went to.

    I don't know why I love this place so much, but I do know one thing: I could eat these wings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I'd never get sick of it. Will I ever stop? Will the madness EVER end? Who's to say. I am who I am.