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32 Signs You're From Arizona

Don't worry, it's a dry heat!

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1. Seeing a tumbleweed on the street isn't a big deal.

Sometimes I think Arizona has a lot of stereotypes that aren't true until I see a tumbleweed in the middle of the road

2. This has happened to your phone at least once. Or twice.

Chris Peña

3. You've used a seat cover in your car during the dead of July.

It was probably Cardinals decor.
Andy's Auto Sport

It was probably Cardinals decor.

4. And you know just how deadly the metal part of your seatbelt can be.

You haven't really lived in Arizona until you've gotten a seatbelt burn

5. San Diego is one of your main vacation destinations because it's only a state away.

6. Your driver's license probably doesn't expire for another 30 years.

Me: "Arizona will be unlivable by 2050" Raquel: "Before my drivers license expires!" My expiration date is 2056

I speak from personal experience when I say people outside of Arizona WILL make fun of you for this.

7. It's pure bliss whenever the temperature dips below 90 degrees.

Hey, we take what we can get.

8. No matter how many scorpions you've seen, they still terrify you.

American Museum & Natural History

9. This is your definition of a "river."

LOL were you expecting it to actually have water in it?
Arizona Daily Star

LOL were you expecting it to actually have water in it?

10. You can count on one hand the number of times you've been to the Grand Canyon.

11. You've gotten incredibly excited when it rains because it usually NEVER does.

Universal Pictures

12. In the dead of summer, you only go outside after 9 a.m. if you absolutely have to due to "fear of melting."

13. And you will absolutely park a mile away from wherever you are going if it means parking in the shade.

i think finding a parking spot with shade in arizona is almost the same as winning the lottery

14. No matter how hot it is outside, the inside of a movie theater is literally an ice cube.

Disney / Via Daily-Disney-Dreaming

15. You've gone on a field trip to the Heard Museum when you were a kid.

16. You've heard rumors about The Old Spaghetti Factory being haunted, but it's not like that's stopped you from eating there.

17. The term "winter coat" is not in your vocabulary.

You know you're from Arizona when people in Nebraska have to define what a real winter coat is.

18. You've been caught in a "haboob" before.

19. You've said, "Don't worry, it's just a dry heat" at least once in your lifetime.

Comedy Central

20. Spring training games are a way of life.

They're the ~unofficial~ welcome of nicer weather!

21. You've had an actual argument with someone about the Sun Devils or the Wildcats being the better team.

Thunder Media

22. You've used gloves just to drive your car because your steering wheel is so fucking hot.

It's that time of year again in Arizona 🔥

23. You've fried an egg on the sidewalk, but didn't actually eat it.


24. You can spot a snowbird from a mile away, especially in this kind of traffic.

25. Daylight Savings Time means absolutely nothing to most of you.


Like, it doesn't affect us. At all.

26. Your house doesn't have a basement.


Oh no, basements are something you only see in the movies.

27. Anything above two percent humidity is torture.


28. You or someone you know saw the Phoenix Lights.

29. Anything below 70 degrees is considered ~sweater weather~.

The Weather Channel

30. You've taken a picture of your ice cream at Churn.

It wasn't named the best ice cream shop in Arizona for nothing.

31. You know that a Sonoran Hot Dog and a soda is one of the best combinations ever.

32. And finally, you've taken at least one of these pictures, because there's nothing quite like an Arizona sunset.

Luv u, AZ.

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