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    16 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Want To Hug Your Cat Right Now

    Here we go!

    1. This week, this kitty was literally ~picture perfect~:

    My Mom wanted a portrait of their cat for Christmas and my Dad wanted something Star Trek related and they got this.

    2. This one wanted to blend in with nature:

    u/TheAthorofKnowledge / Via

    3. These guys helped their friends with a brainstorming session:

    4. This one wasn't sure if their own human was a friend... or foe:

    I just sneezed like five times in a row and I don’t think my cat trusts me anymore.

    5. Elvie felt like showing off their Christmas presents:

    u/Hoppalina / Via

    6. This lazy feline just wanted a night in by the fire:

    u/PrestigiousHedgehog8 / Via

    7. This hungry boy decided to just become a doughnut instead of eating one:

    u/jaerockets / Via

    8. This cat had nothing to hide, OK?!?!

    My cat's face when I found her hoarding stash..

    9. This cutie was willing to forgive their owner for spending an hour or two with another cat:

    Apparently I have been forgiven for the sins of leaving for the weekend and slutting around with other cats.

    10. This kitty's maternal instincts kicked in without giving it a second thought:

    This cat saw a puppy who needed a mom, so she adopted him 😻

    11. Benson knew he found his forever home with his new human:

    I adopted a new cat. His name is Benson. He's a 35lb Maine Coon (he's not fat, just massive). Benson has only been with me less than 24 hours. I think Benson loves me. I love Benson too. Love you

    12. Glenn was ANYTHING but ordinary!!!!

    It looked impossible and to an ordinary cat it would be, but Glenn was no ordinary cat.

    13. These two were definitely NOT doing anything suspicious on their road trip:

    u/hgc411 / Via

    14. This boy was nothing short of determined:

    15. This bb wanted to channel their inner Spider-Man (????):

    u/Nirami / Via

    16. And Lil Bub wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!! 💖💖💖💖

    Looking forward to another amazing year with this magical space cat.

    And in case you missed the last kitty roundup, check it out here!

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