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29 TV Deaths From 2017 That Were Completely And Utterly Heartbreaking


We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV death from 2017 left them completely devastated. Here are the tragic results.

In no particular order...

1. Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why

2. Shiva, The Walking Dead

3. Linda Reagan, Blue Bloods

4. Jeff Atkins, 13 Reasons Why

5. Professor Martin Stein, Legends of Tomorrow

6. Harrison Wells (H.R.), The Flash

7. Bob Newby, Stranger Things

8. Ruby (Thunder Thighs), The Deuce

9. Viserion, Game of Thrones

10. Siobhan Sadler, Orphan Black

11. Michael Cordero Jr., Jane the Virgin

12. Mary Watson, Sherlock

13. William Hill, This Is Us

14. Mary Whitney, Alias Grace

15. Crowley, Supernatural

16. Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones

17. Zach Goodweather, The Strain

18. Diane Pierce, Grey's Anatomy

19. Joan Crawford, Feud: Bette and Joan

20. Wes Gibbons, How to Get Away with Murder

21. Rayna James, Nashville

22. Norman Bates, Bates Motel

23. Eric Raleigh, The Walking Dead

24. Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger), Game of Thrones

25. Whitey, Tin Star

26. Touie Dacey, StartUp

27. Frank Randall, Outlander

28. Jeffrey Mace, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

29. Rosario Salazar, Will & Grace

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The Supernatural death was misidentifed as Castiel in a previous version of this post. Apologies to the Cas fans, and thanks to the commenters who pointed out our error!