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    26 Times "Boy Meets World" Was The Funniest Show Of The '90s

    "Since the beginning of time, men...have been idiots."

    1. When Cory managed to surprise Topanga at the most appropriate time.


    Also, can we talk about Topanga's hair? LEGENDARY.

    2. When the guys finally saw how ~cool~ Mr. Feeny was.


    3. When Jack subtly threw Topanga shade about her name.

    4. When it was clear Rachel was the only one who truly understood Eric.

    5. When we all saw a piece of ourselves in Cory's yearbook picture.

    6. When Angela and Jennifer Love "Fefferman" had a scream-off.

    7. When Cory caught Topanga and Shawn in a...compromising position.

    8. When Eric had this bright idea.


    Because "And Then There Was Shawn" is the best episode of Boy Meets World.

    9. When Cory rejoiced at seeing the "promised land."

    10. When Cory, Shawn, and Topanga saw their fictional alter egos.


    This was before breaking the fourth wall was considered "cool."

    11. When Topanga finally HAD IT with the uniqueness of Cory and Shawn's relationship.

    12. And when she had it with Eric being...well, Eric.

    13. When Minkus made a surprise appearance before graduation to let Shawn and Cory know where he'd been all these years.

    14. When Eric dressed as the guy in "American Gothic" to get revenge on Topanga.

    15. When Eric set the family house on fire and had this to say in response.

    16. When Cory was completely devastated because Shawn dumped him for his new girlfriend.


    17. When Topanga was willing to go to extreme lengths to become valedictorian.

    18. When Eric went on Singled Out and basically met his twin.

    19. When Eric showed up to Mr. Feeny's retirement party as an entirely different person.

    20. When Cory thought it would be a good idea to film the daily lives of Eric, Jack, and Shawn.

    21. When Cory had a hair disaster and completely embraced it.

    22. When Eric asked Mr. Feeny about potential colleges.

    23. When Morgan was recast in the third season and Cory made a joke about her not bothering him for a "long time."

    24. All of "It's About Time," the two-parter when Cory and Topanga get married.

    25. When Eric let Cory know when and where he'd truly succeed in life.

    26. And finally, any time Eric did the infamous "Feeny call."