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25 Times "Will & Grace" Was Just Really Fucking Funny

This show is gold. Includes new and old moments!

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4. When Grace lost all inspiration as fast as it came:


6. When Karen and Grace saw an opportunity for a photo op:

7. When Will made this discovery:


9. When Jack felt the struggle we know all too well:

11. When Karen shared her beverage preferences:

12. When Jack decided to wear glasses:


13. When Grace expressed her frustration toward men she finds attractive:

15. When Jack was looking for love in all the wrong places:

16. When Grace was extremely, extremely independent:


17. When Will and Jack discussed their Friday night plans:

19. When Will told Karen the series finale was ~just a dream~ and Jack broke the fourth wall at the same time:

20. When Will and Karen helped Grace see her full potential:


21. When Jack was LIVID:

23. When Grace wanted to make it all about her:

24. When Karen discussed where she shines in life:

25. And when Jack just really loved Halloween: