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    Updated on Jul 10, 2020. Posted on Nov 9, 2017

    20 Moments From "Parenthood" That Are Too Emotional To Handle

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moment from Parenthood they're still not over. Here are the gut-wrenching responses.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

    1. When Kristina told the family she had breast cancer.


    "Hands-down, no contest when Kristina told the family that she had cancer at the arcade. Even though you couldn't hear what she was saying, I was sobbing at the family's reactions. I'm sure I would still burst into tears if I watched it again now."


    2. When Max breaks down because the kids bullied him at camp.

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    "I LOST IT. As a mother I felt every ounce of emotion in that car. It’s horrifying, scary, heartbreaking, and overwhelming. It’s the best and the worst moment of Parenthood by far."


    "That scene where Max actually loses it because that bully peed in his canteen. I can’t do it. It’s so sad and difficult to watch."


    "So many moments on that show filled me with sadness, but that was the one that made me sob. Kids can be so cruel and Max just wanted to be normal."


    3. Zeke's death.


    "Nothing will come close to Zeke’s death. I was so devastated and I cried for so long. He was amazing with his kids and grandkids and wanted the best for them."


    "When Zeke died and they spread his ashes on the baseball field. I ugly cry so hard every time I see that scene."


    4. When Kristina makes a video for her family in case she doesn't make it, telling them how much she loves them.

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    "This video was so real. Everything she says for each one of her family members is so accurate that it makes me bawl."


    5. And when Adam finds, and watches, the video.


    "When Kristina was hospitalized during her cancer treatments and Adam found the video she made with messages to her children in case she didn't make it. Completely broke me!"


    "For a second, you really don't think she's going to make it but then the entire family comes to visit. I cried so hard."


    "This scene completely destroyed me and I still cannot watch it without totally falling apart and sobbing."


    6. When Julia realizes Zoe is going to keep her baby.

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    "When Julia realizes that Zoe is going to keep the baby. The moment that she saw Zoe holding the baby and then went to cry by herself really got me. I could feel how much she had been fighting for that baby and how devastated she was. I really couldn’t believe Zoe had done that. I bawled for 20 minutes after that."


    7. When Amber got into a car accident and was almost killed.

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    "The first one that absolutely annihilated me was when Amber got in the car accident. She was such a tough cookie and getting into some bad habits, but I never stopped caring about her character. I was a mess for DAYS after that episode aired."


    8. And when Zeke brought her to the dump yard to show her just how totaled the car was.

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    "When Zeke brought Amber to the junk yard where the smashed car was and told her that he 'dreamt' her (and all of his grandkids) and that she does not get to mess with his dream. That is the literal definition of tough love. Oh God, that always gets the water works going."


    "I was destroyed after that moment."


    9. When Adam tells Zeke he's worried about Max.


    "He's confiding in his dad about a potentially very serious situation about his son. As a parent, I just LOST it right there."

    —Katy Reeve, Facebook

    10. When Haddie comes out to her mom and she's completely accepting of it.

    NBC / Via

    "I lost it because I acted the same way when my son came out to me. It was a beautiful scene and it made me like Kristina even more."

    —Carrie Peña, Facebook

    11. When Drew tells his mom Amy had an abortion.


    "The scene where Drew tells his mom that Amy had an abortion and he bursts into tears, which makes Sarah start crying. It gets me every time."


    12. The demise of Joel and Julia's relationship.


    "I was very invested in Julia and Joel and it broke my heart when Joel wouldn't try to work things out, even when Julia was begging him to. And it just punched me in the gut when they had to tell the kids."


    13. When Joel and Julia discuss who gets what once their divorce is finalized.


    "They cried, held hands, and hugged. I could feel the emotion through the TV and cried with them. It's like I've experienced something of that nature and it took me back to that pain of losing someone you shared so much with. A significant other that happens to be your best friend."


    14. When Kristina explains Max's diagnosis to Adam.


    "Adam kept trying to rationalize Max's behavior, and she said, 'Please don't make me go through this alone.' It took me four tries to get through that scene because I couldn't stop bawling."


    15. When Adam explains the severity of Kristina's cancer to Haddie.


    "The phone conversation between Adam and Haddie when Adam is explaining Kristina's cancer in absolute detail. Then Haddie asks him how he's doing and he just breaks down. That scene gets me every time. It's hard to see Adam, who normally holds it together very well, be that vulnerable."


    16. When Zeke asks Sarah if he's been a good dad.

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    "I wasn't a fan of Zeke in the beginning, but everyone told me I'd grow to love him and that's exactly what happened. I couldn't help but imagine he was my dad. I just lost it the first time I saw that scene. I've rewatched it several times and it still gets me choked up."


    17. When Amber had her baby shower in the hospital.


    "Amber’s baby shower in the hospital! When her mom, grandmother, and aunts were reading their advice for motherhood. Gets me ugly-sobbing every time."


    18. When Crosby and Jasmine reunite after Crosby cheats on her.


    "When Jamsine runs after him while he's driving away while Jabbar cries in the background. I happy cry everytime."


    19. Any time Drew cried.


    "Literally any time Drew cried, I cried. That angsty little teenager knew how to get me."


    20. And basically the entire series finale.

    NBC / Via, NBC / Via

    "Millie finding Zeke slumped over in his chair, and the kids spreading Zeke's ashes on the baseball field? Openly. Wept."


    "The season finale was the hardest for me. My grandma just passed away and she was a huge fan of baseball. So much so that she didn’t have a funeral, instead we all got together and went to a Giants game to remember her. I was a wreck when they played the baseball game in Zeke's honor."


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