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    Posted on Oct 27, 2017

    25 Things You'll Understand If You Just Love Hanging Out At Home

    Because staying in on a Friday night just sounds better.

    1. Going to bed early on a Friday night is pure bliss.


    Because you'd much rather be alert than hungover on Saturday morning.

    2. Your alone time is sacred.


    How else are you going to fully focus on your favorite book?

    3. Last minute plans aren't your favorite.


    You need to know about these things, like, WEEKS in advance.

    4. You own a ton of blankets.


    How else are you going to keep warm?

    5. Pajamas are your favorite attire.


    You simply feel overdressed in just about anything else.

    6. The thought of staying out past 10 p.m. sounds like a literal nightmare.


    Can you even remember the last time you did this? Probably not.

    7. Sometimes not going out as often as your friends do gets to you...


    8. ...then you remember how happy you are at home with your pet.


    Or pets!

    9. Your pet, who you tell absolutely everything to.


    "Spike, you will not BELIEVE what Susan told Jan this morning."

    10. Rainy nights in are your personal paradise.

    Riot Games

    11. Your Netflix recommendations are ever-changing...


    12. ...and Hulu is no exception.


    13. Your bed doubles as a table, counter, and overall kitchen.


    14. You always want to be invited to every social gathering, though your friends know you probably won't show up.

    My friends know that I still want an invite but I'm not going.

    15. You light a candle as soon as you get home.


    Is it more a of Pumpkin Spice night or Mahogany Teakwood?

    16. You definitely order out on Friday nights.


    You know every meal delivery app like the back of your hand.

    17. You always end up regretting the plans you made earlier in the week.


    18. Which means canceled plans are one of your favorite things ever.

    Comedy Central

    Like, ever.

    19. Hanging out with coworkers after work is fun... until about 7:30.

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    You've got shows to binge watch! Movies to see!

    20. You've become a pro at finding multiple ways to say you're ~busy~.


    21. Drinking a glass of wine (or bottle of beer) all by yourself is the perfect therapy.

    22. The thought of throwing a party stresses you out like no other.


    23. It isn't out of the ordinary for you to not leave your house until Monday morning.


    24. Big groups of people are not your favorite.


    25. And your friends and family aren't the least bit surprised when you turn in early.

    Going to bed early was my childhood punishment and now my adult goals .

    Homebodies, rejoice!


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