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19 Things Every Horror Movie Is Guilty Of Doing

For the love of all that is holy, please don't shout "Hello?" into a dark hallway.

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1. First of all, the group of friends consists of exactly who you think it would: The funny guy, the guy who knows everything, the partier, the lush, and the virgin.

2. Parents are severely disconnected from their child's life.

New Line Cinema

You have front row seats to your child's downward spiral because an unknown menace is threatening to kill them. But sure, they're overreacting.


5. The main character is portrayed as an innocent, do-gooder who doesn't really seem to fit in with her group of friends.

Compass International Pictures

It's the girl every girl wants to be and every guy wants to be with. DUH.

7. The aforementioned character is also the last one standing. Always.

Dimension Films

Sure, she's probably never handled a gun or any other weapon in her life, but a rush of adrenaline can do crazy things!

8. The "best friend" of the main character is a major partier and isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Dimension Films

And the protagonist will always agree with her BFF and do the stupid thing. Always.


9. The car won't start at the same exact time the killer is two feet away.

Paramount Pictures

Thank goodness it starts at the exact same time the killer makes his way to the window. That was a close one.

11. A character can be running away at full speed, and yet the killer will still manage to catch up to them.

Bryanston Pictures

Who knew carrying a 20-pound chainsaw would actually make someone run faster?


16. While a bullet to the chest would kill a regular human being, it most certainly doesn't kill the killer.

Paramount Pictures

These guys are unstoppable forces of nature, guys. A measly bullet won't do anything. C'mon now.