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Britney Spears Should Be Spanked And Other Comments John Kasich Made As A Fox News Host

As the host of Heartland and a frequent fill-in for Bill O'Reilly between 2001 and 2008, the current Ohio governor and presidential candidate offered his take on subjects such as Viagra, celebrity breakups, airports, and spanking celebrities.

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1. "Let's talk about Brit Spears."

David Duprey / AP

"Let's talk about Brit Spears. And I'm not sure whether — you know, with her behavior, I'm not sure whether she should be spanked or her parents should be spanked or all of them can be spanked," Kasich said on the O'Reilly Factor on Nov. 10, 2006.

"I mean, she marries this total loser, this total dancing loser. Right? What is the story with this young girl? She had it all and she just flushed it all down the drain."

He later added of Spears, "Forget about her. I've written her off."


2. "I am not sure who ought to be spanked, Lindsay Lohan with her foul mouth or her mother or both," Kasich said in August 2006, following reports that the star returned to her hard-partying ways shortly after being hospitalized.

3. "Pitt and Aniston are not very interesting," but "maybe Angelina has got a little pizzazz."

Kim D. Johnson / AP

"Well, I think they sort of sainted her, and I can't really understand that," Kasich said of Jennifer Aniston in December 2005. "Like I say, she hasn't had any box office hits, and yet, you know, she's on the cover of everything. I know they're attractive. I know who they all are. But they just don't have any pizzazz to them. I think they're sort of vanilla."

Kasich continued, speaking of Brad Pitt's new relationship, "Maybe Angelina has got a little pizzazz, because you know, anybody married to, you know, Billy Bob Thornton, of course you got to wonder about that. Right? I just think that Pitt and Aniston are not very interesting."

4. "I think the next thing he might be able to do is be a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals," he said of Nick Lachey.


"Nick and Jessica Simpson getting a divorce. Now here's my take on it. I think Nick Lachey, you know, this old boy band guy, I think the next thing he might be able to do is be a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, because I don't think we're going to hear about him more," said Kasich in December 2005.


5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes:

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Here's my feeling that — on this one. I think that all the stars of Dawson's Creek ought to show up at the wedding ceremony and object to the marriage," Kasich said.

6. "Reese Witherspoon, broke my heart to see them get divorced," Kasich said in November 2006 of the actress' split from actor Ryan Phillippe.

7. "The question is why McCartney married her to begin with," Kasich said of Heather Mills.

"You know, the question is why McCartney married her to begin with," Kasich said of McCartney's wife Heather Mills in November 2007, just before their divorce. "You know, his daughter Stella warned him about this. Was this just on the rebound? I mean, he —you know, he had that great marriage. Never spent a night away from his wife they say. Is this a rebound and McCartney's paying the price for that?"


8. "Paris Hilton, sex tape, you know, to the moon."

"Is the sex tape now, is that the way you operate in Hollywood? I mean, we know one star, big star, Paris Hilton, sex tape, you know, to the moon. Is this the new modus operandi? You talk about a set up? I mean, what are these people thinking?" Kasich said in November 2006, addressing rumors of a Britney Spears sex tape.

9. Paris Hilton vs. Bill Cosby:

"If you look at the pop culture and you see a person like Paris Hilton, who doesn't have any talent, and she is out there on the cover of every magazine, vs. somebody like Bill Cosby, who says, 'hey, we need to be personally responsible, who would you rather associate with?'"

10. "Where's the consequence for that kind of behavior?"


"Kate Moss and the cocaine scandal. Let me tell you what bothers me about that. Here's this woman, you know, snorting coke, sort of showing it off, right? She loses a bunch of endorsements, but in the blink of an eye, she's hired by a bunch of other people. Where's the consequence for that kind of behavior?" Kasich asked in December 2005.


11. "Why always girls, though?"

Alastair Grant / AP

"Why always girls, though? Why do we see such the run of girls — drugs?" Kasich said in December 2006. "You've got Kate Moss. You've got — that's a theory here on Lindsay Lohan. Why girls more than boys?"

12. "Look, I've been in airports. It drives you crazy."

"Now this lady, let's be fair with her, she was sitting in the second row from the back. The plane had been delayed for over three hours, OK? It's not like she was in a — walking around the plane. She was in the back of the plane."

"Could this just have been a case where — look, I've been in airports. It drives you crazy, right? Where, you know, the flight attendant got carried away and just was angry," Kasich said, commenting on a public breastfeeding controversy (discussed further below.)

13. "If I'm the CEO of an airline, you know what? I'm going to put a dress code into effect."

"Well, look, I mean, the bottom line here is I think the guy went to the airport to get people stirred up," Kasich said in August 2006 of a man who attempted to board a flight wearing a shirt that said "we will not be silent" in Arabic words. "I think he went there to make a statement. They pulled him over. They told him to cover stuff up and they told him have some common sense."

"And now he says he wants an apology or something? What's the story with this guy? What does he need an apology for? Just dress right when you go to an airport."

"If I'm the CEO of an airline, you know what? I'm going to put a dress code into effect. That's what I'm going to do. And I'm going to say, "You use your judgment, because people get nervous, and they have a right to feel secure on those planes."


14. "If you stay still, you're likely to get nowhere."

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"Now, my philosophy is, and I've been flying a lot in the last eight years, you just keep moving," Kasich said in December 2008. "If you see something that's moving, get on it and keep moving. Because if you stay still, you're likely to get nowhere."

15. "I used to get mad at airports."

"I used to get mad at airports. I don't get mad anymore. You know why? Because no one cares. Am I right?" Kasich said in the same segment.

16. "Is this really a case of where some people think they ought to be able to breast feed in any sort of a circumstance while other people say 'I'm uncomfortable'?"

"I mean, we could talk about what happened on that airplane all night long," Kasich said of a controversy that began when a breastfeeding mother was removed from a flight for refusing to further cover herself, later sparking protests. "And you say one and somebody else says another. But is this really a case of where some people think they ought to be able to breast feed in any sort of a circumstance while other people say 'I'm uncomfortable'? How about some compromise or some common sense?"


17. "Some people have issues when kids get older."

He later said of the episode, "But, you know, part of the issue may be that the child was 22 months old. And some people have issues when kids get older."

18. "I'd like to have them meet me out in the street at high noon."


"You want to know what I would like to do?" said a fired-up Kasich in October 2006. "And I hope you ladies -- I would like to get some of these people that produce this stuff who are damaging families, I'd like to have them meet me out in the street at high noon. And I'd like to see them. And I'd like them to bring their boxing gloves."

"Maybe we don't even need - maybe we just -- we don't bring any boxing gloves. We just get it on out there in the street, because I'm fed up with these people. They hide in the shadows. They have no accountability. And they're ruining the American political system."

19. "You run negative ads, I'm not voting for you."

"Are we getting to a tipping point, though?" Kasich said. "Are we going to get to the point where voters are going to begin to say - because I'll tell you where I am. You run negative ads, I'm not voting for you. I don't care who you are."


20. On "this fascination with Donald Trump":

Brynn Anderson / AP

"And what about this fascination with Donald Trump?" Kasich asked in November 2004. "It doesn't seem to be abating? What the heck is the deal with this? I know we're a big celebrity culture. What's the deal with this guy?"

21. On the Dixie Chicks being "basically done":


"Are the Dixie Chicks basically done? Are there concerts — really didn't do very well. Are they finished?" Kasich asked in October 2006 on O'Reilly.

22. On the right to bear Viagra:

"I mean, what's strange, Michelle, you know, first of all, a guy comes in a private plane," Kasich said in July 2006, talking about the detainment of Rush Limbaugh at a Palm Beach airport for carrying a bottle of Viagra prescribed to a third party. "They all know who he is, OK? So he spends three hours being held up, and they find a bottle of Viagra. Now, we know he was in trouble because of a pain medication. Viagra is not a narcotic. So I mean, come on now. What the heck would they hassle this guy for over Viagra?"

Kasich went on to ask if Limbaugh was being targeted in "a political assassination."

"I mean, who let this story to the media?" he said. "Who got the story out there, huh? I mean, the first time they find somebody, they hold somebody, customs, they leak it to the media so they can embarrass somebody? Come on. Don't you see this?"

23. On having ice cream but still exercising:

"What's interesting is you're telling me that everybody can lose weight," Kasich said in a March 2008 conversation with the president of an anti-obesity organization. "So you get on that tread mill and you start off. And the bottom line is, you could eat more bad things, right, the harder you exercise? That's what I do. I exercise like a crazy man and my wife exercises. But I've got ice cream every night. But I'm exercising."

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