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O'Malley Suggests Catholics And Lutherans Could Be Trump's Next Targets

"Who’s gonna be next, man? Catholics? Lutherans?"

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Martin O'Malley had a strong reaction on Monday to a radio show caller who criticized him for calling Donald Trump a "fascist." O'Malley suggested that Catholics and Lutherans may be the next religious groups Trump calls for discrimination against.

The caller to Good Morning with Dan Mitchell said that O'Malley's use of the term was "amazing," arguing that Trump "represents what a lot of people are feeling and thinking nowadays." The caller was citing Trump desire to "put America first and to cut better trade deals and a host of other things," when the Democratic presidential candidate interrupted him.

"Yeah, I'm against bad trade deals as well, man," O'Malley said. "But look, any guy running for president who says that we should issue ID cards to people on their religion needs to be called out for the fascist he is. And I make no apology about it."

O'Malley went on to suggest that Catholics and Lutherans may be Donald Trump's next targets.

"Who's gonna be next, man?" O'Malley said. "Catholics? Lutherans? Is this the sort of country you want for your kids? It's not the sort of country I want for mine. He is a fascist and I make no apologies for it."

"And you know what, man?" O'Malley continued. "I think you need to look beyond his trade plans and look at the other things he's proposing for your country. We should all be calling him out as a fascist."

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