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    • christopherl34

      IF YOU DISQUALIFY ANTHONY WEINER THAN YOU MUST DISQUALIFY & CALL FOR THE REMOVAL OF CRIMINAL CHRISTINE QUINN FOR REPEATED VIOLATIONS OF THE PUBLIC TRUST CORRUPTION vs. STUPIDITY: Christine Quinn is Rod Blagojevich in DRAG; Weiner has a cell phone. Any questions? Slush Fund Queen Christine Quinn has hurt New York City and the fine citizens of the five boroughs with her petty sensibilities and narrow vision, far more than anything done by Anthony Weiner to date, including his stupid tweets or what I refer to as “high tech flirting” Yet the calls from pundit class and even the NY Times call for Weiner to step down do not hold Christine Quinn to the same standard of accountability. Christine Quinn’s repeated violations of the public trust, including a well orchestrated & premeditated selling out and defrauding of NYC’s middle class to enrich and empower herself and her sponsors has been FAR more encompassing, pervasive and damaging to the democratic process. It has also undermined citizens confidence in government and confidence in their leadership in this city. Anthony Weiner’s high tech flirting may be creepy and distasteful but they are not policy directives of the kind instituted by Quinnberg that has contributed to the erosion of the middle class and risked the public health and safety of the humans and animals who inhabit our metropolis.  It is thus quite hypocritical to call for Weiner’s removal from the primary if you are not prepared to similarly disqualify Quinn for conduct which required her to retain white collar criminal counsel to avoid indictment and prosecution, remain in office and preserve her political viability to seek the Mayoralty.  The stench of political corruption swirling around Quinn has not gone away but over time has only helped to solidify her well deserved reputation as a puppet of the criminal class.  If you are a Registered Democrat like me, you know that there is no victory installing a criminal and unethical person to become our Mayor simply because her party affiliation is Democratic. Likewise, neither is that Quinn is Gay or a Woman, a sufficient basis to overlook her lack of ethics, character or integrity; Quinn is an unprincipled fraud. She is simply not entitled to the vote of principled and thoughtful people. An earnest well meaning Republican is more entitled to my vote than is a fraudulent Democrat. And if Quinn should somehow emerge victorious in the Democratic Primary then my choice for Mayor will be the Republican or Independent. The Master of Identity Politics hopes you think otherwise and that you view Quinn as ‘PROGRESS’ when she represents actually, a horrible step backwards for this city and for humanity. Quinn represents the type of politics of yesteryear not the modern day. She will not deliver us from evil but will lead us to and feed us to evil.  You must thus step up pressure on Quinn to resign from office and terminate her fraudulent campaign, especially if you are willing to stand for pushing Anthony Weiner out of the race for activity which may be creepy but not criminal. Quinn’s is criminal. Consider that as Mayor Quinn would have power and control over vast sums of money which would make her $460 million dollar Slush Fund at the City Council seem like chump change. New Yorkers do not and should not want a wanton political hack who has never held a job in her adult life that was not in government or a political enterprise to have control of this type of $$$ when her value system, evidenced in the positions she has held to date, indicates a tendency to use money to reward allies and punish opponents.  DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP Quinn is not in any way suited to lead NYC. Quinn does not have standing to represent us because she has already illustrated a propensity for self dealing that is dangerous and that would ultimately be catastrophic were she to be entrusted with the entirety of the NYC economy. Quinn will lead to either the Bankruptcy of New York City or a barren Crony Capitalist Mecca where Quinn’s cronies will rule by FIAT. SEND A MESSAGE: Tell Quinn that Crony Capitalism is not Capitalism but a corruption and perversion of the free market place where all citizens and business owners are free to compete and pursue their dreams. Capitalism ought not to run through one politicians sticky fingers!!! Madame Speaker: Corruption is a disqualification not overridden by being a Gay Woman Vote Quinn Out: Anybody But Quinn: #ChristineQuinn #AnthonyWeiner #SlushFundLiar #BillRudin #Lich #StVincentsHospital #CityTime #911Emergency #CountessDracula #Bloodsucker #ConArtist #Bully #PoliticalFraud #FakeCharities #BossQuinn 

    • christopherl34

      Vladmir Putin is a power hungry oligarch and closeted homosexual who is a danger to his countrymen, humanity and this planet. May he suffer the misfortune of being double crossed, hanged and stoned in a public square for his crimes against humanity. Putin & his band of thugs and oppressors must go. The USA should lead a Boycott of the Olympics #Sochi2014 for Putin led war on Russia’s #LGBT community. #HRW ‎Sochi2014‬

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