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    17 Popular Christmas Movies Ranked Worst To Best According To IMDb Ratings

    Some Christmas classics have controversial ratings.

    17. Jingle All the Way5.5

    20th Century Fox

    The 1996 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to find a Turbo Man action figure has a mediocre 5.5 rating from over 74,800 votes.

    16. How the Grinch Stole Christmas6.1

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    The 2000 film starring Jim Carrey has its fair share of fans, but only a 6.1 rating on 156,000 votes.

    15. The Santa Clause6.4

    Buena Vista Pictures

    The 1994 film starring Tim Allen led to a couple sequels but only has a 6.4 rating and 72,000 votes on IMDb.

    14. The Polar Express6.6

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    The 2004 film starring Tom Hanks has a 6.6 rating with 135,500+ votes.

    13. Home Alone 26.6

    20th Century Fox

    The sequel to Home Alone that takes place in New York isn't as beloved as the original, with a 6.6 rating on 229,000 votes.

    12. Elf6.9

    New Line Cinema

    With over 163,000 votes, the quotable Will Ferrell flick has a surprisingly meager 6.9 rating.

    11. Scrooged7.0

    Paramount Pictures

    The 1988 film starring Bill Murray has 68,500+ votes and a 7.0 rating.

    10. Home Alone7.5

    20th Century Fox

    The film about a couple of robbers antagonizing the McCallister's youngest son, or vice versa, has a 7.5 rating and a whopping 354,000 votes.

    9. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation7.6

    Warner Bros.

    The Griswold family Christmas special has over 116,000 votes and a 7.6 rating.

    8. Love Actually7.7

    Universal Pictures

    The romantic movie about multiple couples has tugged at heartstrings to the tune of a 7.7 rating on 348,533 votes.

    7. The Year Without a Santa Claus7.9

    Warner Bros.

    The 1974 stop motion animated classic has a 7.9 rating with 5,627 votes.

    6. A Christmas Story8.0

    MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

    The classic holiday film that airs for 24 hours straight every Christmas Eve has an 8.0 rating with over 110,000 votes.

    5. The Nightmare Before Christmas8.0

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Also widely considered a Halloween movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas has an 8.0 rating and over 245,000 votes.

    4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer8.1


    The 1964 classic about a misfit reindeer has 19,400+ votes and an 8.1 rating.

    3. A Charlie Brown Christmas8.4


    The classic featuring Charlie Brown discovering the meaning of Christmas has over 24,000 votes, and an impressive 8.4 rating.

    2. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas8.4


    The animated special from 1966 has less votes but a higher rating than the live action version, with an 8.4 rating according to 35,000 opinions.

    1. It's A Wonderful Life8.6

    RKO Radio Pictures

    The 1946 classic about an angel helping a businessman see what life would be like without him has an 8.6 rating and a hefty 310,300 votes.

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