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    Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    So, Here Are The 20 Best Disney Movies Ranked By IMDb And There Are Some Shockers

    The top five might surprise you.

    Note: This list is limited to Walt Disney Animation Studios films, which means Pixar stuff isn't included. (So, don't freak out when you don't see Toy Story or Finding Nemo anywhere.)

    20. Peter Pan 7.3


    The 1953 film about a magical boy has a 7.3 rating and 99,163 votes, the second fewest number of votes in the entire top 20.

    19. Bambi: 7.3


    The story of a fawn and his animal friends in the woods has a 7.3 rating and over 105,000 votes.

    18. Sleeping Beauty: 7.3


    The evil witch Maleficent and Princess Aurora's tale has a 7.3 rating, and over 110,700 votes.

    17. Cinderella: 7.3


    The 1950 film about a girl who has a wicked stepmother and stepsisters has a 7.3 rating from over 117,900 votes.

    16. The Emperor’s New Groove: 7.3


    The 2000 movie featuring an emperor who gets turned into a llama earned a 7.3 rating from over 142,000 votes.

    15. Alice in Wonderland: 7.4


    Disney's 1951 animated version of this classic fantasy novel reached a 7.4 rating, and has over 105,400 votes.

    14. Pinocchio: 7.5


    The 1940 film about the puppet who wanted to become a real boy has a 7.5 rating and over 102,300 votes.

    13. Frozen: 7.5


    The 2013 hit about a powerful queen and her sister has a 7.5 rating and a whopping 467,000+ votes.

    12. Robin Hood: 7.6


    This animated, animal version of a classic story has a 7.6 rating, but fewer votes (93,000) than any other Disney movie in the top 20.

    11. The Jungle Book: 7.6


    The story of a young boy named Mowgli, who was raised amongst animals in the jungle has a 7.6 rating, and over 136,000 votes.

    10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: 7.6


    The story of a princess and the wicked queen who’s jealous of her 147,986 total votes, to the tune of a 7.6 rating.

    9. Moana: 7.6


    The story of a girl determined to end a curse and save her home island was a major hit in 2016, and has garnered a 7.6 rating from over 163,000 votes.

    8. The Little Mermaid: 7.6


    The story of a teenage mermaid princess who is intrigued by the human world has a 7.6 rating based on over 189,000 votes.

    7. Mulan: 7.6


    The 1998 film about a girl who joins the army in place of her father and becomes a heroic warrior has a 7.6 rating and over 194,000 votes.

    6. Big Hero 6: 7.8


    The story of a robot named Baymax and his heroic friends was a hit in 2014, and has a 7.8 rating from over 322,000 votes.

    5. Tangled: 7.8


    Disney's story of Rapunzel has over 327,000 votes that earned it a 7.8, and a spot in the top five.

    4. Aladdin: 8.0


    The story of a street rat who freed a genie and found his princess is one of only four Disney movies with an 8.0 or higher, and it has over 288,000 total votes.

    3. Zootopia: 8.0


    This story that takes place in an animal filled metropolis has maintained an 8.0 rating and has over 320,000 votes.

    2. Beauty and the Beast: 8.0


    With over 340,000 votes, the story of a beastly prince and a bookworm is the second highest rated Disney movie of 'em all.

    1. The Lion King: 8.5


    The animal kingdom centered coming-of-age story has over 728,000 votes, more than any other Disney movie. It also has the highest rating, making it the clear, top-ranked Disney movie.

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