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    16 Times The Food On Cartoons Looked Tasty AF

    That beautiful pink donut from The Simpsons.

    1. The assortment of pastries Angelica ordered on Rugrats.


    Angelica once pretended to be an adult on the phone, having multiple bags worth of treats delivered to her. I always respected how little she cared about getting in trouble during her elaborate ruse to acquire baked goods, prioritizing cupcakes over consequences.

    2. The pizza from A Goofy Movie.

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

    The slices were floppy and had cheese dripping from 'em, need I say more?

    3. The incredible breakfast on Fairly Odd Parents.


    The stack of syrupy pancakes, the toast with marmalade on the side, and that steaming Denver omelet honestly look better than anything I've ever seen on IHOP's menu.

    4. The hefty sundae devoured by Seymour "The Disposal" on Hey Arnold!


    Seymour was a competitive eating prodigy, and I always envied him as he stuffed his face with several scoops of ice cream, and a lil' pie on the side.

    5. The "naco" from Kim Possible.


    Ron Stoppable was an innovator, combining nachos with a taco to create this concoction known as the "naco."

    6. Tiana's gumbo in The Princess and the Frog.



    7. The ice cream mountain the babies ate on Rugrats.


    This heaping pile of different flavored scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup and mint candies was something I spent a large portion of my childhood thinking about. Thanks, Rugrats.

    8. The grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast.


    Typically I'm not into eating grey globs of mystery mush, but this looked good sitting atop a cookie, or cracker, or whatever that is. Obviously many folks found it aesthetically appetizing, because it's a thing you can purchase at Disneyland.

    9. The spaghetti and meatballs from Lady and the Tramp.


    I wouldn't be interested in sharing a single string of pasta when there are plenty more noodles AND meatballs to choose from, no matter how adorable it looks.

    10. The banana pizza from Doug.


    In cooking class, Roger's banana pudding accidentally spilled onto Patti and Doug's pizza, and that shit looked delicious. Even watching Doug dip bananas in pizza sauce will have you tempted to give it a try.

    11. This smörgåsbord in Spirited Away.


    I can't even identify precisely what each food is, but I can say with the utmost conviction that I wouldn't hesitate to eat any of it.

    12. The chili fries from Ben 10: Alien Force.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    When you're a cartoon and clogged arteries aren't a concern, a heaping pile of chili covered fries has to appeal.

    13. Snoopy's sad Thanksgiving feast.

    United Feature Syndicate Inc. / CBS

    I understand that the meal makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but every time A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving came on as a kid, I was down to trade turkey and mashed potatoes for sliced bread, jellybeans, pretzels, and popcorn.

    14. Homer's donuts from The Simpsons.


    These are a classic cartoon food that'll never get old to look at. Of all the donuts Homer eats, everyone knows the pink-glazed, sprinkle-covered one is most appealing.

    15. Krabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants.


    Here's another legendary cartoon food that can make your mouth water on sight.

    16. The insect appetizer Timon gave Simba in The Lion King.


    I'm not typically into eating bugs, but you can't tell me that leaf covered in colorful crawlers didn't look appetizing as hell. Simba slurping down a worm with the pinky up made it look like some type of fancy hors d'oeuvre.

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