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    Food Fight: Whose Ranch Is Better — WingStop Or Buffalo Wild Wings? We Put Them To The Test.

    Chicken wings are out of the equation, we're strictly talking ranch.

    Ranch dressing. A classic condiment. Possibly the best one. The internet has impassioned opinions about which popular chain has the best ranch, with two particular restaurants often standing out — Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop.

    So, today we decided to acquire ranch from both establishments and try them head-to-head to see which one reigns supreme!

    For the record, Wingstop's ranch costs $1.49 and comes in a slightly larger container than Buffalo Wild Wings', which only costs 60 cents.

    Before beginning this battle, we set some ground rules for this food face-off.

    First, Krista (unknowingly) tasted the Buffalo Wild Wings ranch.

    Next, Krista had Wingstop's ranch.

    Then, Chris tried his first ranch, Wingstop's.

    Like, JUST LOOK AT THAT CLOSE UP, really observe the texture and seasoning — makes you want to lick the screen, huh?

    Next up for Chris was Buffalo Wild Wings.


    What restaurant ranch do YOU think is best? What other fast food items do you think one chain does WAY better than all the others? Drop your strongest opinions in the comments below!