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    18 Things That Look Like They're From A Slightly Different Parallel Universe But Are Actually Right Here On Earth

    Completely normal, yet totally strange.

    1. This blue burger that looks like it's from a fast food spot in the multiverse.

    2. This bush that looks like it's a living creature on a world of plant people.

    3. This stop sign written in a Coast Salish language.

    4. This grocery store that used to be a theater.

    5. This restaurant's toilet pods and colorful ceiling tiles.

    6. This bottle of Sprite that looks like it's from a galaxy far, far away.

    7. This tiny door in a tree that looks like it's on a world where itty bitty beings roam free.

    8. This Little Caesars that used to be an auto shop.

    9. This upside-down house that looks like it exists in some glitchy universe.

    10. And this upside-down building that could be in the same strange reality.

    11. This extra large power plug and socket that appear to belong in a world of giants.

    12. This albino turtle that looks like a negative photo.

    13. This fast food drive-thru that's built inside of a former car wash.

    14. This water that manages to be bottled and canned at the same time.

    15. This roundabout inside of a tunnel in Norway that looks like it's built underground on an ice-covered planet.

    16. This Elephant Hawk-moth that looks pink lemonade flavored.

    17. These blue lobsters.

    18. And finally, this buffalo wing soda that looks like something from a world where food-to-drink crossovers are a norm.

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