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17 Screenshots Of Bad Decisions That Prove Something About Weddings Really Clouds People’s Judgment

There are no limits to what people are willing to ask wedding guests to provide.

1. This person griping about gifts.

2. This person who is asking people to lend him a car for his wedding...

someone offering their tesla and the person responding that it's not nice enough

...and somehow being a snob/jerk when people generously offer him a set of wheels.

another offering their car and the person responds that it's their wedding and they need something that's at least 100K

3. This person's vulgar rant aimed at everyone who forced her to cancel her wedding because they wouldn't give her $1,500 each.

4. This person trying to get a beautiful, complex wedding cake made on 48 hours notice.

5. This person who made one half of the marriage a footnote on this poster, which might be a funnier joke if it were at a bachelorette party or bridal shower instead of the actual wedding.

6. This bride whose mother-in-law decided to wear a champagne, lace-covered garment that pretty much looks like a white wedding dress.

the mother in law standing next to the bride and groom in what looks like a wedding dress

7. And this mother of the groom who is truly dressed like a bride.

8. This person who got mad at a florist for needing surgery, so they ranted about it online as if they're not the one in the wrong.

Here's a closer look at the interaction:

florist saying they have a surgery scheduled and the bride asking if recovery will interfere with her wedding

9. This person asking for basically everything necessary for a grand wedding.

10. This person actually considering a gift-quality-based seating arrangement.

11. This person bringing the MLM energy to their wedding planning.

12. This person who is marrying her sister's husband two months after she, and her niece, died.

a wedding announcement

13. This person asking someone who was taken advantage of by their fiancé to work their wedding (for free).

14. This person's weird rant because their dress was going through customs.

15. This person who really tried to swoop in and throw the bouquet instead of the bride.

16. This person throwing an angry tantrum because they weren't invited to someone from high school's wedding.

17. This person refusing to dress their child in something other than a lion outfit for a wedding.

post asking what to do about a child wanting to wear a lion outfit to the wedding