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    We Went To A Haunted Bridge In Texas To Search For A Demon, And Here's What Happened

    The bridge's Goatman is said to have glowing eyes and horns.

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    On this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan and Shane visited Old Alton Bridge in Texas.

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    The bridge was built in 1884 to connect Alton to Denton, and has remained in place ever since.

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    It's often referred to as The Goatman's Bridge and there are many legends surrounding it.

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    The bridge, and the woods that encircle it, are said to harbor a half-goat, half-man entity.

    The Goatman is said to have glowing, empty eyes and goat-like horns.

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    It's commonly said that satanists carried out rituals on the bridge that opened the door for this demon, and perhaps others.

    People have supposedly heard a growling voice tell them to "get off the bridge."


    One person claimed that after he and his friend heard the voice, he ran off the bridge while his friend stayed. His friend was then dragged towards the bridge railing, and flipped into the water below.

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    It's said that The Goatman can be conjured by knocking three times on the bridge.


    Both Ryan and Shane tried this method during their investigation.

    In addition to The Goatman, people claim to have seen strange lights, and the ghostly figure of a woman in the surrounding woods.


    It's also been rumored that people have disappeared when on the bridge or in the nearby woods.

    Multiple investigators have picked up on the name "Steve" through EVP and spirit box sessions, which could be a moniker that The Goatman goes by.


    EVP (electronic voice phenomena) are sound recordings of the voices of spirits. A spirit box is a radio tuner that scans frequencies and creates white noise that spirits are said to be able to manipulate to communicate.

    The Goatman and the other entities allegedly lurking around the nearby woods are said to be hostile and capable of physical harm.


    People have also claimed to be overcome with feelings of aggression and violence.

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    One investigator envisioned murdering her entire team of investigators.

    Ryan and Shane attempted to communicate with the area's entities using a spirit box.


    Additionally, they performed a ritual on the bridge involving a Ouija board.


    The hope was to draw the surrounding spirits and interact with them via the Ouija board.

    It's unknown why The Goatman and other entities would haunt the area, but many will continue to believe in their presence.


    And while Ryan and Shane never had a face-to-face encounter with the bridge's alleged demon, whether or not it exists remains unsolved.