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    Mar 9, 2018

    We Tried The New Spicy Skittles And Here's How They Are

    Taste the rainbow, feel the burn.

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    So, Skittles recently released a “Sweet Heat” option that features “fruity flavors with a spicy kick.”


    The five flavors include Blazin’ Mango, Fiery Watermelon, Lemon Spark, Sizzlin’ Strawberry, and Flamin’ Orange.


    Three of us decided to try the new Skittles flavors individually and all together to see how they taste.


    Christopher's thoughts:


    I snack pretty regularly and in the past I’ve eaten Hot Cheetos, immediately followed by Skittles. That’s exactly what these remind me of — sweet, fruity Skittles, with a hint of that glorious, bright red Hot Cheetos residue lingering on your taste buds.

    Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry.

    Rating: 8/10

    Pablo's thoughts:


    As a Mexican who grew up on endless spicy candies, I was intrigued AND skeptical about these. My verdict? I prefer regular Skittles. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad, but if I want something spicy I want it to hit my tongue immediately, which these don’t do unless you put a handful in your mouth. I’m going to finish my bag because it’s a crime to throw away Skittles, but I’ll stick to tasting the spice-less rainbow.

    Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry

    Rating: 6/10

    Farrah's thoughts:


    I hyped this up in my head and thought these were going to be SUPER spicy. But the packaging doesn’t lie: it’s just a little bit of sweet heat! I was surprised how much I enjoyed them, given that I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to eating spicy things. They’re definitely worth trying if you’re adventurous with food and candy.

    Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry.

    Rating: 9/10

    The thought of sweet and spicy Skittles might sound a little strange, but it's a flavor combination you should consider trying for yourself, because you might be pleasantly surprised!