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We Tried The New Spicy Skittles And Here's How They Are

Taste the rainbow, feel the burn.

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Christopher's thoughts:


I snack pretty regularly and in the past I’ve eaten Hot Cheetos, immediately followed by Skittles. That’s exactly what these remind me of — sweet, fruity Skittles, with a hint of that glorious, bright red Hot Cheetos residue lingering on your taste buds.

Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry.

Rating: 8/10


Pablo's thoughts:


As a Mexican who grew up on endless spicy candies, I was intrigued AND skeptical about these. My verdict? I prefer regular Skittles. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t bad, but if I want something spicy I want it to hit my tongue immediately, which these don’t do unless you put a handful in your mouth. I’m going to finish my bag because it’s a crime to throw away Skittles, but I’ll stick to tasting the spice-less rainbow.

Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry

Rating: 6/10

Farrah's thoughts:


I hyped this up in my head and thought these were going to be SUPER spicy. But the packaging doesn’t lie: it’s just a little bit of sweet heat! I was surprised how much I enjoyed them, given that I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to eating spicy things. They’re definitely worth trying if you’re adventurous with food and candy.

Favorite flavor: Sizzlin’ Strawberry.

Rating: 9/10

The thought of sweet and spicy Skittles might sound a little strange, but it's a flavor combination you should consider trying for yourself, because you might be pleasantly surprised!