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    We Tried The Halo Top Scoop Shop’s Secret Menu And This Is How It Was

    There's a tie-dye waffle cone, y'all.

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    If you haven't heard, the beloved low-calorie ice cream, Halo Top, has opened a full shop at Westfield Topanga in Los Angeles!

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    We're Krista and Chris and we love ice cream. We also love low-calorie, low-guilt options, so when we found out about Halo Top's Scoop Shop launching, we had to check it out!

    Krista Torres

    First and foremost, it was exciting to see soft serve ice cream available in low-calorie form, and with a variety of flavors.

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    If you're not into soft serve, you can get scoops of the flavors you've become familiar with from the Halo Top pints found in grocery stores.

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    In addition to the ice cream, there are so many awesome topping options, from candies and cookies, to syrups and cereals. Oh, and fruit too, of course!

    Krista Torres

    We focused our attention and our taste buds on the secret menu items, starting with a chocolate-flavored black puffle cone, with soft serve pistachio ice cream.

    Krista Torres

    Krista's thoughts: The puffle cone was SO DELICIOUS. It tasted kind of like a sweet pancake with a hint of chocolate. I was very into it. I will admit, I'm not a fan of pistachio ice cream – but comparing it to other places where I've tried it – this was definitely the best tasting pistachio ice cream I've had, so I think that says a lot.

    Chris's thoughts: The cone was fresh and warm, which paired perfectly with the cool, soft ice cream. This was my first time having pistachio ice cream because I've always been skeptical of pistachio as a flavor, but I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely order it in the future.

    Next up was the red velvet flavored red puffle cone with chocolate ice cream.

    Krista Torres

    Krista's thoughts: This puffle cone was also delicious and it kind of tasted the same as the black one. BUT THE CHOCOLATE SOFT SERVE, oh man. I hate chocolate ice cream, but my mind has been changed. I can't speak for their carton, but Halo Top's soft serve chocolate had just the right amount of chocolate. It was so good.

    Chris's thoughts: I know red velvet and chocolate are essentially the same flavor, but I'm always influenced by different color foods (like that old green ketchup), so I felt like this was uniquely delicious. The chocolate ice cream was ELITE, and the two were worthy of being eaten separately so you could appreciate their respective tastes.

    Somehow, the items got even prettier — behold, the pink and teal tie-dye taco, with cinnamon roll ice cream scoops.

    Krista Torres

    Krista's thoughts: Okay, so there were chunks of cinnamon in this ice cream and it was damn good. I am a big fan of soft serve, but I was really into the cinnamon roll scoops. The taco came our super warm and tasted like your typical waffle cone, but prettier.

    Chris's thoughts: Wow, so beautiful inside and out. I'm always in support of putting foods in the form of tacos, so this was one of my favorite things. The cinnamon roll ice cream has chunks of deliciousness, and at this point I was stressed out by how many incredible flavors there are because it's too difficult to just choose one.

    Lastly, we tried the pink and teal tie-dye waffle cone, with vanilla soft serve.

    Krista Torres

    Krista's thoughts: You can't go wrong with vanilla soft serve, and this definitely did not disappoint! I don't understand how it is low calorie. This is a good choice if you love the traditional vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone. Then, add whatever toppings you like! This legit was Chris and I every time we tried a new flavor.

    Chris's thoughts: The fact that this ice cream is low-calorie is shocking, but because it is, I feel like it allowed me to go crazy with the toppings and not be bashful. This cone is another A+ option!

    There's another secret menu item that we didn't get to try, but will arrive soon — churro style waffle cones!


    As if we needed more reasons to return, the oncoming sugary, cinnamony waffle cone sounds incredible.

    The secret items aren't on the menu so you have to request 'em, AND there might be more coming.

    Krista Torres

    Aside from the secret menu choices, there were some things in particular that we found worthy of honorable mention...

    The peanut butter soft serve is AMAZING. If you like chocolate peanut butter cups, you need this in your life.

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    If you want to avoid calories from cones and toppings, the ice cream is tasty enough to be eaten on its own. However, if you do want toppings, the birthday cake bites are magnificent.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    This has nothing to do with taste, but it's worth mentioning that, aesthetically, these options are almost as pleasing to look at as they are to eat.

    Krista Torres

    If you're not near a Halo Scoop Shop at the moment, you can still lookout for seasonal options, like the new gingerbread house pint!

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    And if you are near the Halo Scoop Shop, do yourself a favor and indulge on some magical, low-calorie deliciousness.

    Krista Torres