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    Oct 21, 2017

    We Transformed Into The Spice Girls In 24 Hours

    From memorizing lyrics to learning dance steps, and everything in between!

    Macey Foronda / Andrew Richard for Buzzfeed

    The iconic musical groups of the ‘90s had many kids dreaming of being globally beloved superstars.


    Whether you danced around your room or lip-synced into a hairbrush, it’s always been fun to imitate pop stars.

    But what’s it like taking a deep dive and attempting to fully transform four people into a group like Destiny's Child or the Spice Girls in 24 hours? Well, we tried to do just that...


    The first order of business was determining who is who, so each member chose an alter ego!

    With their powers combined, Sneaky Pepper, Gemini, Sirachachacha, and Divalicious formed the sparkling, shining "Glitter Girls."


    With the name situation handled, it was time to get into the nitty-gritty.


    Choreographing a dance routine can sound intimidating, but who better to learn from than Beyoncé's dance captain, Ashley Everett?

    Buzzfeed, Columbia Records

    Sure, practice helps, but Ashley also reminded the group of an equally important notion: "You have to believe. If you believe, the audience will believe."


    Lauren (aka Gemini) continued to believe, though after watching footage of herself, she described her dance moves as "a baby giraffe learning how to walk."


    For the photo shoot, celebrity stylist Lulu came to help the girls with their looks.


    The Glitter Girls created their personal signature style that fit the character they were aiming for.


    Each unique look had somewhat of a theme to it, for example Sirachachacha's very Posh Spice look.

    Getty / Macey Foronda

    Everyone member of the group emulated a difference Spice Girl.

    Macey Foronda

    While Shila channelled her inner Posh Spice, Julianna went the Sporty Spice route, taking on the athletic look and incorporating a basketball into some photos. Lauren dove into the Baby Spice look, taking cute, playful photos, and Julissa rocked some prints to emulate a crazy fun Scary Spice vibe.

    With their personas developed, some dance practice under their belts, and the looks to fit the part, the Glitter Girls were finally ready to make a music video!


    So many elements go into making a music video. If remembering dance steps isn't difficult enough, you also have to know the words to the song you're lip syncing to, which proved to be more challenging for some than others.

    Combining all the parts together to dance, lip sync, and be locked in character took a great deal of repetition, doing it over and over until everybody in the group got it right.


    During a day jam-packed with girl power, friendship, memorizing lyrics, and learning routines, the group managed to shoot a music video!

    View this video on YouTube

    Boldly / Via

    All in all, this proves that many '90s kids' dreams of being in a pop group were for good reason. Now, let's hope that the Glitter Girls keep shining and stay together, so we can live vicariously through them.

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