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    17 Things That Seemed To Go Viral In The '90s Even Though There Was No Social Media


    1. These coasters that your grandparents probably had.

    2. The famous "S" that everyone knew how to draw but nobody knew the origins of.

    3. These famous vegetable magnets that were on countless refrigerators.

    4. This background seemingly everyone took a photo in front of.

    5. These particular bouncy balls that everyone had.

    6. This cup and pitcher set that you most definitely drank out of.

    7. This weird thing all of us used to do in Microsoft Paint.

    8. These bead sliding things that were in every single waiting room ever.

    9. These ceramic Christmas trees that inevitably started popping up around the holidays.

    10. These glowing stars that you or someone you knew had on a ceiling.

    11. These rugs that seemed to materialize in every kid's room.

    12. This flimsy toy sword that SO MANY kids had.

    13. This Velcro catch game that you definitely played.

    14. This Fisher Price castle that made it into seemingly everyone's homes.

    15. The broken branches on the ground that were always used as toy guns.

    16. This universal solution we all did to fix a malfunctioning cartridge — blowing.

    17. And finally, these Spacemakers that held everyone's school supplies — can't you just smell the crayons and pencils by looking at this photo?