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    17 Things That Seemed To Go Viral In The '90s Even Though There Was No Social Media


    1. These coasters that your grandparents probably had.

    DJMcDizzle / Via

    2. The famous "S" that everyone knew how to draw but nobody knew the origins of.

    555RGNE / Via

    3. These famous vegetable magnets that were on countless refrigerators.

    Kaden4552 / Via

    4. This background seemingly everyone took a photo in front of.

    TheStabbingHobo / Via

    5. These particular bouncy balls that everyone had.

    ScrunchJeans / Via

    6. This cup and pitcher set that you most definitely drank out of.

    Squeenis / Via

    7. This weird thing all of us used to do in Microsoft Paint.

    jbird221 / Via

    8. These bead sliding things that were in every single waiting room ever.

    VisualAuntie / Via

    9. These ceramic Christmas trees that inevitably started popping up around the holidays.

    mrsdennistein / Via

    10. These glowing stars that you or someone you knew had on a ceiling.

    Sweeney49 / Via

    11. These rugs that seemed to materialize in every kid's room.

    thatdudethatyeah / Via

    12. This flimsy toy sword that SO MANY kids had.

    Luc4_Blight / Via

    13. This Velcro catch game that you definitely played.

    anarachelb / Via

    14. This Fisher Price castle that made it into seemingly everyone's homes.

    jamauer / Via

    15. The broken branches on the ground that were always used as toy guns.

    Capitalgmoney / Via

    16. This universal solution we all did to fix a malfunctioning cartridge — blowing.

    Tacoman2018 / Via

    17. And finally, these Spacemakers that held everyone's school supplies — can't you just smell the crayons and pencils by looking at this photo?

    SuperMarioMom / Via

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