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    There’s A Twitter Thread For Unpopular Sex Opinions And Here Are 21 Of Them

    "Foreplay is better than sex."

    Recently, Twitter user @almondmilkhunni asked folks to share their unpopular sex opinions, and there are some piping hot opinions. Let's take a look...

    1. This pro-foreplay opinion.

    @almondmilkhunni sometimes foreplay is better than sex

    2. There's this take on the most popular position:

    3. This not nice opinion:

    4. A big take on size:

    5. This thought on nipple play:

    @almondmilkhunni If you’re not gonna play with my nipples LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

    6. This opinion sure makes it sound like there's a market for a sex-themed ASMR:

    @almondmilkhunni I hate having sex with music/ the tv on .. I wonna hear everything!! My wetness ! The smacking ! Slapping ! Furniture moving ! Deep breathing ! Moanings !! ( I need to be able to replay it in my head later on in the day, vividly!)

    7. The anti-hookup opinion:

    8. The ideal "good sex" duration:

    9. The fun of fraudulence:

    @almondmilkhunni Faking it in an obviously dramatic way (and making them believe it) is way more fun than actually finishing.

    10. The cleanliness requirements:

    @almondmilkhunni Wash! Your! Damn! Hands! First! Please!

    11. This two-in-one combo of opinions:

    @almondmilkhunni hair. is. natural. GET OVER IT. also no two people are the same so what could be amazing for one could be awful for another

    12. This "shower sex is meh" take:

    @almondmilkhunni Shower sex isn't as good as it sounds, a make out sesh in the shower will hit harder, I promise.

    13. This reminder that porn isn't real life:

    @almondmilkhunni Just because it looks super cool and you saw it in a porno, doesn’t mean it will feel good

    14. The giving > receiving take.

    @almondmilkhunni I dislike the idea of receiving oral and prefer giving

    15. The meaning of moaning:

    @almondmilkhunni Moaning doesn’t mean speed up or go harder, it’s mean keep doin what you’re doin! D:

    16. This moan authenticity take:

    17. The importance of laughter:

    @almondmilkhunni If you can’t laugh about sometimes having bad sex with your partner, you’re putting too much weight on it in the relationship.

    18. The correlation between love and a taste for ass:

    19. This BDE take:

    20. This opinion on fingers:

    21. And finally, this hot take for folks who watched Fifty Shades of Grey and thought they were about that life: