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17 Homes You’ve Seen On TV And What They Look Like Off-Screen

It should've been called "The Fresh Prince of Brentwood."

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1. Danny Tanner and company's home on Full House.

2. The Pearson family's home on This Is Us (before it burned down).

3. Rachel and Monica's apartment on Friends, which is a real building in Manhattan.

4. The house Walt and Skyler lived in on Breaking Bad.

AMC, Map Data: Google

The owners of the home actually had to put up a fence because fans were throwing pizzas on the roof.


5. The Banks' giant home from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is actually in Brentwood.

6. This is the house from Family Matters as of 2017, though it'll be demolished and replaced by a three unit residence.

7. The home from American Horror Story: Murder House.

8. The Alexandria housing community that many characters on The Walking Dead made a home of.


9. The home from Golden Girls, which takes place in Miami, even though the house is located in Los Angeles.

10. The house the Wheelers live in on Stranger Things.

11. The house Kevin Arnold and his family lived in on The Wonder Years.

12. The mansion Vince and his crew lived in for multiple seasons on Entourage.


13. The apartment the gang lives in on New Girl.

14. The house they lived in on The Brady Bunch, which has undergone some significant changes over the years.

15. The Draper house as seen on Mad Men's pilot episode, though it changed in later episodes.

16. This is the area the Matthews family from Boy Meets World lived in, though the surrounding area looks slightly unkempt these days.

17. And finally, even though it's not a house, here's the Dunder Mifflin building that served as home to The Office.