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18 Christmas Designs That Are So Bad, You’ll Actually Say, “Yikes” Out Loud

Who approved of these?!

1. This baby Jesus ornament that looks like a big toe.

Blenderhead36 / Via

2. These holiday pants that should've thought the design through a little better.

DiscoHeaven / Via

3. This holiday display that says, "Asstmchri."

juanprada / Via

4. This festive holiday coffee cup that looks like it was found at the scene of a murder.

sunzenkashu / Via

5. This mall Christmas tree that looks like a colossal turd.

maxt0r / Via

6. This Olaf ornament that features him with a candy cane nose and eyes that are utterly terrifying.

payinthefidlr / Via

7. This confusing card that looks like it's from someone named Dad.

animalcule / Via

8. The side of this Christmas gift bag that shows a reindeer's leg and hoof looking like something else.

chrissilich / Via

9. This book title that looks like its title says "Christmas Farts...," but is actually, "Christmas Facts."

Msktb / Via

10. This Fox News graphic that appears to say, "Treason for the Season."

TommBomBadil / Via

11. These lights that look like hovering underpants.

ProgVal / Via

12. The bow on this horse's rear that just doesn't look great.

Lexpert1 / Via

13. This festive sign for anyone who is feeling thnakful.

frequencity / Via

14. This weirdly structured sign that makes Santa sound like he's a horror movie antagonist.

ChiknNuget / Via

15. This flyer that appears to show Santa peeing syrup onto a stack of pancakes.

terraclara / Via

16. These light decorations that look like a bunch of dicks.

tuks6 / Via

17. These reindeer decorations that look like they're involved in some sort of human centipede-type situation.

daniels26ian / Via

18. And finally, the label of this hat that looks like it says "Santa Shat."

iamitech / Via

H/T r/CrappyDesign

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