26 Times Food Straight-Up Lied To People With Its Packaging

    Some of these had to have been done on purpose.

    1. This pizza that strategically showed off the pepperoni-covered portion.

    2. These "mixed" veggies.

    3. These actual mixed veggies that are supposed to be spaghetti sauce. 

    4. This cup that's designed to look as if it has strawberries inside.

    5. This sweet chili chicken that, according to the ingredients, is actually pork.

    6. This burger that truly went out of its way to lie about having sufficient cheese.

    7. This drink's packaging that's just a waste of paper.

    8. This frozen pasta dinner that came sauceless.

    9. This egg that's technically not a package but lied about being yolk and was just a bunch of hot water.

    10. These mozzarella sticks that look like the real thing from the outside but have no cheese inside.

    11. This Stanley Cup chocolate that's only half of the trophy.

    12. This sleeve that hides the true amount of pâté in the package.

    13. This cantaloupe sticker claiming to be seedless when it's very clearly not.

    14. This pack of chocolate candies that's mostly just air.

    15. This can of beans that's actually just bean juice.

    16. This pizza that used the box to hide all of the un-sauced crust.

    17. This ice cream cookie sandwich that didn't deliver on the pieces of candy.

    18. This ice cream cookie sandwich that somehow delivered less than the previous one.

    19. This chocolate bar that delivered cranberry only in the area visible through the package.

    20. This fudge brownie that's heavily lacking the candy topping.

    21. This chocolate chip granola bar that technically has chocolate chip.

    22. These hot sauce packets that look like mustard packets, and these mustard packets that look like hot sauce packets.

    23. This sticker that covers the upper half of this spice, which is completely empty.

    24. And this spice jar that found another way to be dishonest.

    25. This cashew container that's got a whole lot of empty space.

    26. And finally, this cinnamon raisin (literally just one raisin) bagel.