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    Here's A Video Showing Just How Easily Germs Are Spread That Is Honestly Really Shocking

    No matter how much you try to avoid touching your face...

    If you've never watched Mark Rober's YouTube channel, I highly recommend it because it's some of the most interesting stuff you'll see online. This week, he put together a video showing how germs spread, and it's WILD.

    Rober got a powder called Glo Germ that's visible under a black light and transfers to things you touch, serving as a perfect example of how germs spread.

    He went to a third grade class and had the teacher put Glo Germ on her hand, then she shook hands with ONLY THREE OF THE STUDENTS.

    At a break, Rober put some powder on one more random student's hands.

    At lunch time he did a check, and the germs had been spread EVERYWHERE.


    And on the hands of other students!

    Even the teacher's face was covered by the end of the day, despite her making a conscious effort NOT to touch her face.

    The rest of the video shows Rober doing additional tests with the powder, explaining how viruses work, and more, so it's definitely worth the watch if you have the time (which most of us should at this point).

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