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    If You've Seen "Interstellar," This Tiny Little Detail Is Going To Blow Your Mind

    Remember that scene with the mountains that were actually massive tidal waves?

    In 2014 we were blessed with arguably the greatest science fiction film of all time, Interstellar.

    The story was brilliant, the performances were magnificent, and it gave us the line, "Make him stay, Murph" which is still fun to shout randomly.

    Remember that INTENSE scene where they go to check out a planet, and at first they think they see mountains in the distance but they're actually waves?

    The track playing during this scene is called "Mountains," and it has a clock ticking sound throughout it.

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    If you'll recall, the tidal wave planet also had a time dilation, so every hour spent there was seven years time on Earth.

    Well, Reddit user baconarcher did some math and discovered that the tick happens every 1.25 seconds, meaning EACH TICK YOU HEAR IS AN ENTIRE DAY ON EARTH GONE BY.

    And while we only see them on that planet for a 7-10 minute scene, their ship's engines were waterlogged, which kept them there for at least a few hours (23 years in Earth time).

    This little detail somehow manages to make what was already a super intense scene even MORE STRESSFUL!

    So now you can go back and watch with an extra sense of how high the stakes are, but be careful because it's pretty panic-inducing!

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