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    19 Things You’ll Remember If You Went To Elementary School In The ‘90s

    Aside from the subpar rectangle pizza that your cafeteria served up.

    1. Partaking in intense games of Heads Up 7 Up.

    faodaildesigns / Via

    And cheating by looking at the shoes of anyone foolish enough to push your thumb down.

    2. Learning math via base ten blocks.

    prestigetutoring / Via

    Prior to multiplication tables, this was how you learned arithmetic.

    3. Or using linking cubes.

    imagido / Via

    They, too, were supposed to serve an educational purpose, but were often just used for sword fights.

    4. The importance of the overhead projector.

    eduardolalanne_art / Via

    Teachers used these often as chalkboards were being phased out, and prior to the revolution of white dry-erase boards.

    5. The excitement of seeing a TV/VCR in class.

    Flickr / mikecogh / Via Flickr: mikecogh

    Because watching something at school was such a joyous occasion, even if the video wasn't particularly entertaining.

    6. Pretending to inject yourself with lead pencils.


    The ultimate elementary illusion.

    7. Finding your inner artist through Kid Pix.

    tyermaan / Via

    So many glorious creative sessions went down in your school's computer lab.

    8. Placing your order from Scholastic Book Club.


    Even the kids who didn’t read were enthusiastic, because it was exciting to receive a stack of books in the future.

    9. Earning free pizza through Book It!

    vinsonamanda / Via Instagram: @vinsonamanda

    This was for kids who legitimately loved reading, or pizza, or both.

    10. Sniffing on Mr. Sketch scented markers.

    baugustjr / Via

    Some smelled so good, you may've been tempted to taste 'em.

    11. Feeling like a young, successful author thanks to Storybook Weaver.


    Anyone could be a novelist with this gem of an educational game.

    12. Injuring your knuckles using manual pencil sharpeners.

    thomasgudino / Via

    These godforsaken things were always placed against a wall, so your poor knuckles were scratched and scraped as they hit it on every rotation.

    13. Drawing that special S.


    Despite not having the internet or social media to help it flourish, this S was viral.

    14. Watching so much Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    Buena Vista Television

    Your introduction to chemistry, biology, and physics can be attributed to this, and perhaps The Magic School Bus as well.

    15. Dying many deaths on Oregon Trail.

    aerettberg / Via

    Dysentery, measles, snakebites — there were so many ways for you to die an unpleasant death.

    16. Peeling glue from your hands for entertainment.

    mariannebrittany / Via Instagram: @mariannebrittany

    Much like popping bubble wrap, this was an oddly satisfying activity that's probably kept the Elmer’s Glue business boomin'.

    17. The best day of P.E.

    katylyn1230 / Via

    Also known as Parachute Day, this was one of the premier fun experiences school had to offer.

    18. Seeing Lisa Frank products everywhere.

    mungo_sales / Via Instagram: @mungo_sales

    From pocket folders, to six-color pens, to pencil cases, to notebooks, Lisa Frank offered literally everything you could possibly need.

    19. The incredible snackage you were surrounded by.

    Betty Crocker

    All the cool kids were carrying around these coveted treats. Some of them met their discontinued demise (like Amazin’ Fruit), while others are still going strong (like Fruit Gushers), and a small selection allegedly, supposedly, are rumored to still exist, somewhere in this world (like Dunkaroos).