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    19 Things You’ll Remember If You Went To Elementary School In The ‘90s

    Aside from the subpar rectangle pizza that your cafeteria served up.

    1. Partaking in intense games of Heads Up 7 Up.

    2. Learning math via base ten blocks.

    3. Or using linking cubes.

    4. The importance of the overhead projector.

    5. The excitement of seeing a TV/VCR in class.

    6. Pretending to inject yourself with lead pencils.

    7. Finding your inner artist through Kid Pix.

    8. Placing your order from Scholastic Book Club.

    9. Earning free pizza through Book It!

    10. Sniffing on Mr. Sketch scented markers.

    11. Feeling like a young, successful author thanks to Storybook Weaver.

    12. Injuring your knuckles using manual pencil sharpeners.

    13. Drawing that special S.

    14. Watching so much Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    15. Dying many deaths on Oregon Trail.

    16. Peeling glue from your hands for entertainment.

    17. The best day of P.E.

    18. Seeing Lisa Frank products everywhere.

    19. The incredible snackage you were surrounded by.