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17 Things You Had No Idea Existed That'll Make You Say, "The Future Is Here"

A refrigerator with REVOLVING LEVELS?!

1. This credit card that changes the CVV number every four hours.

2. This vein finder in the hospital.

3. This refrigerator that has REVOLVING LEVELS so you can reach everything on each one.

4. This building in Chicago called Aqua that looks like it has puddles in it and is some truly advanced-looking architecture.

5. This homework that comes with a code that can be scanned and will take students to an instruction video from the teacher.

6. This robot that patrols the grocery store and cleans spills.

7. This projector that retracts back into the ceiling and looks like a tile.

8. This line of delivery bots.

9. This ATM that lets you decide which bills you want.

10. This noise tracker that sits in the library and changes colors when folks get too loud.

11. This battery that's rechargeable via a USB.

12. This TV-light simulator that can be used to trick people into thinking somebody is home, staving off burglars.

13. This keypad that changes the order of the numbers every time it's used so people can't decode a password based on hand movements.

14. This curved escalator.

15. This single sleek motor powering THREE WHOLE ceiling fans.

16. This beautiful chrome Tesla.

17. And finally, this super-intense railway-and-road layout in Japan.