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    15 Photos Of Things People Saw From Their Flights That'll Make You Say, "So THAT'S What That Looks Like From High Above"

    How come I don't ever see THIS stuff when I'm flying?

    1. This wind farm as seen from way up above.

    Vladnightfury / Via

    2. This view from a plane that looks like outer space.

    Floameh / Via

    3. These clouds that look like the bumpy landscape of an alien planet.

    2ndEntity / Via

    4. This corn maze in the field down below.

    3aquafina / Via

    5. This cloud that's casting a massive shadow on the ground below.

    WildestPotato / Via

    6. This view of a city from high above that looks like bad video game graphics or an alien world.

    Chripaco / Via

    7. This lake that's shaped like a fish.

    Goldpanda94 / Via

    8. This rainfall pouring down on the land below.

    Muazrozlan / Via

    9. Or this even more aggressive looking thunderstorm that's crashing down.

    saranwrap3 / Via

    10. Mount St. Helens rearing its peak on a cloudy day.

    Theseus44 / Via

    11. The sun still setting in one window, and completely set in the other.

    pogonophobia / Via

    12. This single cloud hovering high above.

    Ellis-McPickle / Via

    13. This path a tornado ran through where all the trees and plants were torn up.

    AcerRubrum / Via

    14. This plane seen from another plane that's flying at a higher altitude.

    Big_Black_Cat / Via

    15. And finally, this view of a city at night that looks like a computer motherboard.

    tylerbwong / Via

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