15 Photos Of Things People Saw From Their Flights That'll Make You Say, "So THAT'S What That Looks Like From High Above"

    How come I don't ever see THIS stuff when I'm flying?

    1. This wind farm as seen from way up above.

    2. This view from a plane that looks like outer space.

    3. These clouds that look like the bumpy landscape of an alien planet.

    4. This corn maze in the field down below.

    5. This cloud that's casting a massive shadow on the ground below.

    6. This view of a city from high above that looks like bad video game graphics or an alien world.

    7. This lake that's shaped like a fish.

    8. This rainfall pouring down on the land below.

    9. Or this even more aggressive looking thunderstorm that's crashing down.

    10. Mount St. Helens rearing its peak on a cloudy day.

    11. The sun still setting in one window, and completely set in the other.

    12. This single cloud hovering high above.

    13. This path a tornado ran through where all the trees and plants were torn up.

    14. This plane seen from another plane that's flying at a higher altitude.

    15. And finally, this view of a city at night that looks like a computer motherboard.