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There Are Tombs In London That Contain Mass Graves And They're Pretty Terrifying

The apparition of a little girl named Emily.

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On this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan and Shane investigated the London Tombs.

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These London tombs have a dark history that's full of death.


Deadly epidemics led to mass graves known as "plague pits" that were made across the city to accommodate hundreds of dead bodies. Many of those bodies have been discovered throughout history, some inside the tombs.

Prior to being turned into a tourist attraction, the tombs had been sealed for decades.


During an excavation, hundreds of bodies were discovered in a plague pit where the tomb is located.

One room in the maze, known as the brown room, is said to play host to a shadowy figure that lurks in its dark corners.


Ryan and Shane used a spirit box to try communicating with any spirits that might be in the vicinity.

There's a hallway tour of the tomb pass-through, and it's said that a guide once saw a man standing at the end of it.


A laser grid was used to detect any movement from shadows or apparitions in the halls.

Arguably, the most active room in the tombs is known as the Roman room. Staff have claimed to have seen a little girl named Emily.


It's also said that many bones were discovered during construction just a floor below this room.

Ryan and Shane used motion lights in this room, in the hope of detecting movement from Emily's ghost.


A motion light was triggered on and a possible anomaly was picked up by the camera, convincing Ryan that spirits were looming in the room.

It's certainly possible the spirits of those left in plague pits sleep within the confines of this maze.


In an attempt to awaken those spirits, Ryan and Shane did their own, individual walks through the zig-zagging nightmare. While Shane was skeptical and somewhat relaxed during his walkthrough, Ryan had a more intense, eerie trip.

While a busy city sits above the London tombs, it's apparent that an unfortunate history might be lingering below.


Still, despite Ryan and Shane's thorough investigation, whether or not the London tombs are definitively haunted remains unsolved.

  1. What do you think, are these tombs haunted or nah?

    What do you think, are these tombs haunted or nah?

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What do you think, are these tombs haunted or nah?
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