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"The Perfection" On Netflix Is Making Viewers Vomit, So I Watched And Here's How It Is

"The Perfection leaves viewers 'vomiting' after a gory mutilation scene."

Hello, I'm Christopher and I watch A LOT of Netflix. It's gotten to the point where kind souls will DM me their recommendations, and the other day someone suggested The Perfection.

This wasn't the first time I'd heard of The Perfection — it seems like everyone who watches it is really enthusiastic about (or grossed out by) it.

There's also been an emphasis on how gross it is, legitimately making people vomit, which meant I couldn't not watch it, right?

Here's how Netflix describes The Perfection:

Right off, it's established that the main character, Charlotte, was a prodigy who gave up on musical dreams to take care of her mother for several years. Her mom dies, so she returns to Shanghai to get back to doing music.

There's another character, Elizabeth, who is the current protégé of Charlotte's old mentors.

Charlotte and Elizabeth meet and gush over how they're both big fans of each other!

Even though the person who recommended The Perfection SPECIFICALLY TOLD ME NOT TO EAT WHILE WATCHING, guess what I did.

Within the first 10 minutes there's a quick shot of something pretty off-putting (picture below), so I scarfed down the rest of my food before anything worse went down. (TRIGGER WARNING: the image involves self-harm.)

I might be wrong, but I think there's some sexual tension between Charlotte and Elizabeth.

Not wrong. Sexual tension confirmed.

Elizabeth invites Charlotte to join her on a little music tour and Charlotte does, but after they take off Elizabeth is feeling sick. Like, VERY sick. Having the urge to violently poop while riding a bus in the middle of nowhere? THAT'S A TRUE HORROR CONCEPT!

There's a pretty big twist and I don't want to spoil it for you because if you choose to watch, I don't think you'll see it coming. (BUT, if you want to ruin it for yourself, click below.)

OK, last chance to stop reading and watch the last 40+ minutes of the movie for yourself!

After the big hand-chop incident, the movie leaps ahead three weeks.

Long story short, there's another big twist and it turns out Anton is an evil piece of shit.

It turns out that Charlotte initially drugged Elizabeth because she believed the only way to help her fully escape Anton's abuse was to make her lose her hand so she couldn't play her instrument and thus, was no longer of use to him.

It turns out they've come back to Anton's to get revenge. They poison other members of Alton's cult and confront him.

During the fight, Anton stabs Charlotte and carves through her arm. As someone who hates knives, this visual definitely earned a cringe of disgust from me.




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