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    Illustrated Essays On "The Office" Are Coming Soon And They Sound Amazing

    Who is the most perfect couple on The Office?

    Shea Serrano is an author and writer at The Ringer, and Arturo Torres is a talented artist based in Texas. Last year the duo delivered New York Times best-selling book, Basketball (and Other Things).

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    Shea and Arturo even created a trading card based on Jim Halpert in Season 1's "Basketball" episode, and discussed him in a chapter of Basketball (and Other Things).

    Their newest work is a collection of illustrated essays called Conference Room, Five Minutes.

    Twitter: @SheaSerrano

    Speaking to Buzzfeed, Serrano explained that the project came to fruition last year, "We were both wanting to start a newsletter or something solely about The Office because we both still watch the show all the time and, so we started working on building it."

    "Each essay is about a different thing. There's one, for example, that's about the most perfect couple from The Office (it's not Michael and Holly or Jim and Pam, FYI)."


    "There's another one that's about the Prison Mike episode."


    You might want to order it ASAP as possible though, because Serrano says the digital project about a paper company won't be available for long.


    "It's a lot of work maintaining all of the parts involved with it. I'll probably take it down a week or so after it officially goes live. My greatest hope, though, is that people steal it and then pass it around to their friends on some, like, Napster shit."

    Conference Room, Five Minutes is available for preorder at

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