If You've Never Heard Of The Case Of The Isdal Woman, It's One Of The Most Odd Cases You'll Ever See

    The front of her body and face were burned beyond recognition, but the backside was not burned.

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    On November 29, 1970, a family on a Sunday hike in Bergen, Norway discovered the body of a woman wedged between large rocks.

    The women's body was severely burned and her arms were in the "boxer" position in the air, which is common in burned bodies.

    Items recovered from the body and scene included jewelry, a broken umbrella, bottles, a watch, remnants of nylon stockings, and rubber boots.

    An autopsy on the body revealed around 50-70 sleeping pills in her stomach.

    Three days after the body was found, two suitcases were discovered at a train station.

    Inside of the suitcases were clothes, wigs, a comb, hairbrush, makeup, money from Germany and Norway, coins from Belgium, Switzerland and the UK.

    There was another item that stood out as particularly strange.

    Some believe the Isdal Woman was a spy who was murdered.

    Others believe it was a suicide.

    While there are some known facts about the Isdal Woman, there's so much mystery surrounding the case that it's difficult for experts to be certain about anything.