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The Last Line From The Final Episode Of 23 Classic '90s TV Shows

"I love you all. Class dismissed." —Mr. Feeny

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2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

After Carlton comes running down the stairs thinking his family left him behind, Will says these final words to himself before exiting.


5. Boy Meets World

Buena Vista Television

After Cory, Topanga, and Shawn say their goodbyes to Mr. Feeny, he stands in the empty classroom and says this final line before exiting.

6. Family Matters

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

After he returns from space, Laura tells Steve to promise he'll never go back, to which he replies with this final line.

8. Seinfeld

Sony Pictures Television

Many remember the last words coming from the scene before this, during which the group discusses the second button on a shirt being most important (as they did in the pilot). George asks, "Haven't we had this conversation before?" and Jerry replies, "Yeah, I think we have." However, during the end credits, Seinfeld is doing standup in prison when a guard removes him from the stage, and he shouts this final line of the series.


9. Frasier

CBS Television Distribution

Frasier shares a story with the woman sitting next to him, and as their flight lands in Chicago, where his girlfriend has moved to, these are his final words.

10. X-Men


The X-Men watch Professor X be taken away after an attack left him in a coma. Jubilee asks if he can ever come back, and this final line is Professor X's telepathic response.

11. ER


Yes, ER's final episode didn't air until 2009, but the show premiered in 1994 so the '90s get custody. The final line of the series is Carter asking the late Dr. Greene's daughter if she's going to help with incoming patients (unless you count the medical jargon you can kind of hear being mumbled in the distance after).

13. Beverly Hills, 90210

CBS Television Distribution

Dylan asks Kelly to dance, adding that if she wants to wait, they can. This is her response and they're the last words spoken before a final scene shows everyone happily dancing at Donna and David's wedding.


15. Sliders

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

After Rembrandt enters an unstable portal back to Earth, Diana, Maggie, and Mallory are left to wonder if he's survived. This is the ultimate cliffhanger, as the show was unexpectedly canceled, and the last line of the series comes from Mallory, wondering what the group should do.

17. Married... with Children

Sony Pictures Television

The chimp being referred to is Mr. Zippy, who chases after a woman in the store. In the final scene, Mr. Zippy hands shoes to a customer, then sits between Al and Griff.

18. Party of Five

Sony Pictures Television

In the final scene, everyone looks at the kids' height chart. The last line comes from Claudia, who points out that Charlie has outgrown their father's mark on the chart.


19. Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Before the final shot of Sabrina and Harvey kissing and driving off on his motorcycle, her dad, Edward Spellman, delivers the last line of the show.

21. Xena: Warrior Princess


The series ends with Gabrielle on a boat holding Xena's ashes. The ghost of Xena is with her, and she tells Gabrielle she'll remain in her heart, then they have this final exchange.

23. Full House

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

After Michelle asks Uncle Jesse how badly injured she was, he explains that her amnesia was pretty bad, but they persevered, then Joey and Danny reply with the final lines of the show.

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