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    25 Slept-On Hulu Shows That Viewers Think Deserve Way More Attention

    Time to see what you've been missing.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what they believe is the most underrated thing available for streaming. Here were some of the shows mentioned by enthusiastic viewers!

    1. 11.22.63

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    "It came out like four years ago, but it's about this English teacher who goes back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK in the hopes of creating a better future for America. I've never heard anyone talk about it, but it’s worth checking out. It’s based off of a book by Stephen King."


    2. Pen15

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    "It's funny and the concept of two adult comedians playing teen versions of themselves is pulled off well."


    3. Bless This Mess

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    "It's an ABC show and it’s criminally unnoticed and hilarious!"


    4. Difficult People

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    "It only got three seasons and that's an absolute tragedy. Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner created such original and relatable characters that hated the world around them. There wasn't a single episode that didn't make me laugh out loud."


    5. Future Man

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    "Super original and it can get me laughing so hard that I'm wheezing!"


    6. Fosse/Verdon

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    "'70s Broadway was just as problematic and dramatic as you’d imagine, but I loved watching Chicago (my favorite musical) get made. Absolutely worth watching."


    7. Elementary

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    "THIS IS THE MOMENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Y’ALL NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON ELEMENTARY! It is an iconic adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, but with a completely different setting. You will be crying, laughing, and so immersed in the entire plot. It is such a wonderful series and it saddens me that so few people know about it!


    8. Pitch

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    "It just became available to stream on Hulu. I never thought I'd be so invested in a show about baseball, but it's about a woman being the first to make it to the MLB. It's really good."


    9. High Fidelity

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    "Zoe Kravitz is a freaking goddess, the plot is awesome and relatable, plus you’re gonna have your Shazam app out every 30 seconds — the jams are unreal."


    10. Shrill

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    "It's an awesome show that nobody seems to be talking about. Aidy Bryant from SNL is the star and it is a great show, it has similar vibes to Girls or Sex and the City, but is far more realistic."


    11. Looking for Alaska

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    "John Green and his fans waited SO LONG for that adaptation and it was well worth the wait. It’s such a good look at the way grief affects us and it's an excellent coming-of-age story. I highly recommend."


    12. East Los High

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    "If you’ve ever liked a soap opera of any kind, be prepared to be up all night trying to stop watching. Every episode ends in an awesome cliffhanger. My dad, who’s never watched a show with a teenager in it in his life, binged all of it in a few days. Excellent bilingual show that I’ve literally never seen written about anywhere. Just took a chance on it and couldn’t stop watching."


    13. This Way Up

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    "Brilliant and amazing. Aisling Bea makes me cry from laughing, then actually cry."


    14. Motherland Fort Salem

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    "I can't believe that Buzzfeed is sleeping on this show. It's one of the best things I have seen. It's set in an alternative world where witches have become part of society and protect it. The details are amazing. The cinematography is gorgeous, the writing is excellent, and the cast is beyond talented. And it has a lesbian lead character, which is still a rare thing to see nowadays."


    15. The Mick

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    "It's so underrated. It's funny, raunchy, trashy, and perfect. It was only on two seasons, but it's gold."


    16. Salem

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    "All three seasons are just so good!"


    17. Timeless

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    "It didn’t get the hype it deserved. It’s an amazing show about time travelers and an evil organization, and it also teaches a lot about history."


    18. Blindspot

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    "The first minute was the most captivating a show has ever been for my whole family. It’s so good and the twists you don’t see coming are absolutely outstanding."


    19. Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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    "It's really sweet. I love the story. It’ll make you laugh and cry but appreciate the family you have. I loved it and watched it weekly when it was being released. Plus, there’s a lot of great representation in it that isn’t forced into the show — it's just a part of it."


    20. Marvel's Runaways

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    "It's so good, yet I don’t know anyone who’s watched it."


    21. What We Do in the Shadows

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    "It’s a mockumentary about clueless vampires living in Staten Island. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, I highly recommend it!"


    22. Prodigal Son

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    "Just finished the first season. It’s about the son of an infamous serial killer who works to solve violent crimes while still trying to work through his twisted relationship with his father. It’s amazing, you will not be disappointed."


    23. The Bold Type

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    "It has three amazing female leads who have a great friendship. It’s a little silly, a little fun, but it covers real topics in a fresh way."


    24. Vikings

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    "It's the perfect combo of romance, war, and suspense. Every episode is better than the last, it’s too easy to binge! 10/10. I could go on and on, go see it for yourself!"


    25. Happy Endings

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    "It's a hilarious sitcom. I highly recommend it! One of my absolute favorite comedy series ever."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.