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    22 Secondhand-Embarrassing "Oops, I Didn't Mean To Send That" Screenshots That Are 100% Pure Cringe

    "Connor had my phone."

    1. This guy blaming Connor for the unsolicited photo they sent.

    Person says they sent it to everyone "on accident" because Connor had their phone

    2. This woman's not-so-smooth way of letting someone know she's not thrilled that he stopped talking to her.

    Message to "Martha" says they were texting this guy and he's so annoying because he doesn't trust them with anything, and then says oops, "that wasn't meant for you"

    3. This person who told someone they love and want them, but also that they were possibly hacked, just in case they don't get the response they want.

    I want you so bad / Sorry I was hacked / No I wasn't / I am in love with you

    4. This person who wanted their friend to know they totally have sex but pretended it was a mistake.

    Person gives a list of girls' names, and when someone asks what, they say didn't mean it, they're just testing stuff out

    5. This person who mentioned Isabella by name before professing their love, only to say it was meant for someone else after getting a rather cold response.

    Person gives a long list of reasons they have a crush on Isabella, including that she smells good and is "beautiful, funny, smart, and amazing," and when she responds with "OK," the person says to just ignore what they said, it wasn't for her

    6. Lizzie's attempt to find out why her ex broke up with her.

    "Lizzie's friend" asks why they broke up with her and then texts "Sorry about that, my friend took my phone" with a laughing emoji

    7. This person who totally captured this shot accidentally.

    Two pixelated naked shots of someone in the water

    8. This Airbnb host who really tried to scam some extra money, then pretended the message was for someone else.

    Person says they have to raise the price from $90/night to $100 because of demand, and when other person says that according to Airbnb policy, the original booking price should remain, they say my bad and they sent it to the wrong person

    9. This person who is adding young women on Nextdoor and "waving" at them, presumably trying to flirt.

    Person claims their all young-women connections are just random coincidences

    10. This person who "accidentally" sent a message about their crush to their crush.

    Text about how they want to ask someone out but they know he doesn't feel the same way about them is "accidentally" sent to the person they want to ask out

    11. This lousy logic someone had for sending a private message.

    Person sends a PM with a photo, saying they didn't mean to PM the person but hi anyway, and when they're asked how they could do a "four-step process" accidentally, they say they hit the wrong button

    12. This person who "mistakenly" sent a pic to this person and is pretending not to want them to see it.

    Person says not to open the picture, well, OK, they can, but then erase it quickly, and the other person says "No it's OK, I won't open it"

    13. This person who sent a dick pic, said it was accidental, but still had the nerve to ask if the receiver liked what they saw.

    Person says they didn't mean to send the dick pic, and when asked how they didn't mean to send it, they say they're drunk—"You like it though?"

    14. This person who had the audacity to ask a nonsensical question and got charged fees for it.

    Person asks if it feels good when they get their vaginal walls licked, and when they're charged a $20 sexual harassment fee, they say it wasn't them, and they're then charged a $10 fee for lying

    15. This person who sent someone a nude video TWO years after going on ONE date with them.

    Person asks if they meant to send this; other person asks who this is and says "You like my vid?" The person says they didn't watch it 'cause it wasn't for them; they reply that it was for them, even though they said they didn't know who they sent it to

    16. This person who asked for permission to send a selfie got denied, still did it, and then claimed it was accidental.

    Person sends a selfie after being told no, asks for a video chat, is told no, then says "Oops I'm sorry wrong person, you do look great, btw"

    17. This person who doesn't handle being turned down well.

    Person says they think he's a smart guy and kinda cute and asks if they'd like to hang out, and the guy says he's super flattered but he has a GF, and they respond, "You thought I was fucking serious?! Like I'd ever date someone like you"

    18. This guy who is blaming his mate Brian for the extremely forward opening.

    Text says "Love the hair" and "You are tasty," the response is "Imagine greeting someone in person like that," and they say their mate Brian was on their phone and they don't talk like that 'cause it's a bit weird

    19. This person who definitely took a screenshot to show their friend.

    After person is asked if they'd ever go for someone, they say "I wouldn't date her, but I'd be down to chill with her," and a notice appears that "Izabella took a screenshot of chat" and the text "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to do that"

    20. This person who is trying to prove that he has a girlfriend by accidentally sending a screenshot of their conversation to a friend.

    Exchange about soft lips and how they both really like each other, followed by "My bad, I didn't mean to send that to you," then "Yeah right lmao"

    21. This person who sent an angry rant after not getting a response quick enough, then blamed it on their buddy. Sure.

    "Assholes like u are what makes dating suck" and "you'll never find your prince charming because all hoes like you do is window-shop"; response: "Psycho"; then "I let my buddy swipe for me on break, sorry, but you do look like Prince Charming from Shrek"

    22. And finally, this liar who claimed someone else's artwork, then acted as if they were hacked by a friend.

    Person posts someone else's artwork, says they usually don't show it, and then they're found out and they pretend that a friend was caught using their IG