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    17 Screenshots Of Reviews People Actually Left That Are Just, Wow

    "Haven't been there. One star."

    1. This person who says their grandkid really liked the product, but also marked that they would not recommend it.

    ObviouslyATurtle / Via

    2. This person who reviewed a hotel and couldn't figure out how to stop reviewing.

    metropolisapocalypse / Via

    3. This guy who just left a photo of himself and the word "great" as his review of a toothbrush.

    SirSoliloquy / Via

    4. This person who gave a restaurant one star and tried to cancel their GrubHub account within the review.

    NotTheRightDrones / Via

    5. This person who gave a book a lower rating because their friend permanently borrowed it.

    walker1208 / Via

    6. This person who is supposed to be rating a double bed but is kind of just talking about how their day went.

    d4ni3lg / Via

    7. This person who left one star and one word that's not actually a word.

    DecoratedBug / Via

    8. This person who left a review for a place they haven't been.

    Chairman5551 / Via

    9. This person who also left a review for a place they haven't been AND DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT'S LOCATED.

    hesitantbutwilling / Via

    10. This person who left a bad review on a fryer because their doctor gave them dietary restrictions.

    honeyflaps / Via

    11. This person's sweet grandma who meant well when she left a review on her granddaughter's LinkedIn.

    kilgoretrout69 / Via

    12. This person who had a serious typo in their review.

    phat_phruit / Via

    13. This person who left a scathing review of a prison.

    ifthenthendont / Via

    14. This completely neutral, totally pointless one-star rating.

    cupcakeadministrator / Via

    15. This person's unexpectedly dark review.

    El-mas-puto-de-todos / Via

    16. This person who gave a book one-star review that I'll let you read for yourself.

    enoua5 / Via

    17. And finally, this set of one-star reviews of a theme park that don't make any sense.

    White_Seth / Via

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