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    14 Screenshots Of People Doing A Terrible Job Of Shooting Their Shot That'll Make You Cringe

    Some people don't think before they press send.

    1. This person who creepily tracked down and hit on a person he discovered on one of his wife's friends' profiles.

    LadyKakes / Via

    2. This strange baby talk flirt.

    one_2_one_2 / Via

    3. Here's someone mixing up their words.

    viachicago22 / Via

    4. Asking to speak on the phone is only the second-grossest part of this screenshot.

    muffy2008 / Via

    5. A good meme reference gets a terrible response.

    kchatterbox / Via

    6. Ah, the old "say something gross then blame it on a friend" move.

    Sindel_Hairflip / Via

    7. The determination to make this pun opening work is just, wow.

    BoominLumens / Via

    8. This extremely uncomfortable roleplay attempt.

    higgsparticles / Via

    9. A creepy joke to open? Big yikes!

    Assistantz / Via

    10. Nobody believes you, btw.

    im_hitman / Via

    11. This strange attempt at sparking friendship.

    intergalactict00t / Via

    12. This all-around bad job of interacting.

    Zfryguy / Via

    13. The quick, vulgar turn this dude decided to make.

    Lost_Persephone / Via

    14. And finally, this person's quick switch from being interested to being disinterested and (allegedly) drunk.

    christinakhin / Via

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