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    23 Secondhand-Embarrassing Screenshots Of People Sending Bold Messages, Then Trying To Backtrack

    "It was a joke." Yeah, sure, pal.

    1. This person who didn't send an inappropriate picture, it was actually Connor.

    2. This guy who totally isn't the culprit.

    3. This person who likely didn't understand the punny joke, then blamed the hostile response on their friend.

    4. This recruiter trying to chat with someone about the Army, then playing like it was an accident.

    5. This person who had a wild excuse for the unwanted use of "baby."

    6. This Airbnb host who tried to raise the price, then had a backtracking excuse when policy was cited.

    7. This person trying to make someone feel bad about the money they owe them.

    8. This person who sent something that they're pretending they don't want opened.

    9. This person who pretended this message was meant for a friend.

    10. This person calling an attempt at feeling things out a "dare."

    11. This unsolicited dick pic that totally wasn't sent on purpose.

    12. This person who shot their shot, got shot down, and couldn't own it.

    13. This person who is just pulling a prank...sure.

    14. This joker.

    15. This whoopsie.

    16. This "pastor."

    17. This "wrong person" nonsense.

    18. This declined massage turned "evil joke."

    19. And this "wrong person" sequel.

    20. This person who isn't even blaming texts on someone else, they're claiming a toilet is at fault.

    21. This person trying to score a deal.

    22. This person who has no recollection of how this convo started.

    23. And finally, this person blaming Brian.